Kakumiro district; ONC Coordinators mobilize residents of Igayaza Town Council for community cleaning

Poor waste management is a leading cause to spread diseases such as cholera, Typhoid and others which costs lives and stress the government budget under Ministry of Health.

Due to the worrying state of Igayaza Town Council in Kakumiro district as a result of a big budget to collect waste,  the ONC coordinators led by Mr Ninsaba Ndiozemi mobilized the area residents, politicians, and the RDC to engage in community cleaning.

With support from the citizens, the activity was conducted after the area leaders informed the community about the government programs of PDM, Emyooga, UWEP, and other empowerment opportunities to alleviate people’s poverty.

The RDC Kakumiro RDC David praised the ONC coordinators for taking responsibility as a youth to engage the community in self-empowerment activities of a kind.

He said that “Much of the expenses in the household are on health due to poor hygiene.” He tasked the residents to have disposal pits to avoid waste disposal in trenches and non-gazetted areas by the Town Council authorities, and assured arrests for those mismanaging waste.

Mr Ninsaba Ndiozemi informed the audience about the Sanitation being a core of the five NRM promises to secure lives for Ugandans. He continued to inform the audience about the opportunities in the PDM, Emyooga funds that are objected to transforming Ugandans into money.

He further urged the citizens to take a frontline in fighting corruption in the t/c by directly being involved in the supervision of public service.