Journalist Kabengwa in trouble with Buganda Kingdom over Katikkiro

James Kabengwa, a journalist for the Daily Monitor Publication, is in hot water with sympathizers of the Kingdom of Buganda after sharing and supporting an article published in the Sunday Monitor by a well-known critic of the Kingdom.

The article was titled “By the time we wake up in Buganda, the Kingdom will be gone” and was written by Mr. Gawaya Tegule who warned that the Kingdom was on the brink of becoming an “institution of instinct”.


Kabengwa, is covering the affairs of the Kingdom for the Daily Monitor since 2016, shared the article and commented on it. Mr. Tegule’s article was supported by a Kingdom Whatsapp group called “Buganda think tank-BTT” which even revealed more “dirt” about the Premier of the country’s strongest monarchy.

The source, who is a member of the Think Tank, said that Kabengwa’s comments seemed to signal that Mayiga was a “curse” to the kingdom, as it degenerated into bedroom politics with Museveni’s “central establishment” at State House in Entebbe. Museveni has ruled Uganda since Jan. 26, 1986.

James Kabengwa centre while greeting the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi at one of the Buganda Functions in Kampala

“Mayiga, who is at the heart of this degeneration, has made his tenure an individualistic enterprise in which he sold Buganda to Museveni,” the source said. “His ego, arrogance and ‘I know it all’ attitude have caused a lot of opposition in the Kingdom, and Kooki, one of the 18 counties in Buganda Kingdom, has declared independence from the Kingdom. The Abatakka heads have already bought him and are likely to take their chances with Museveni, who has little love for Buganda.”

The official responding to Kabengwa wrote: “James Kabengwa, James kabengwa, James kabenngwe, I have repeated your name how many times? Buganda will come after you and your immediate people. How dare you?”

Unforgiving Kingdom

Some Baganda are a non-forgiving people. The first Prime Minister of Uganda, Milton Obote whose forces attacked King Edward Muteesa in 1966 was hated even through his death. When his body was returned from Zambia where he had gone into exile after his ouster, Baganda refused his body to be driven through Buganda region because they never forgave him for his attack on their King.

In 1995, as Ugandans were drafting a new Constitution through delegates to the Constituent Assembly (CA) sitting in conference centre in Kampala. On March 28, 1995, there was heated debate on federalism; a matter that was cherished by Mulondo’s tribesmen, the Baganda, but was anathema for the majority republicans in the CA.

Baganda delegates had planned they would propose federal. This was designed to make it look like a national, rather than Baganda, demand. It was agreed, however, that a prominent Muganda would conclude the federal demand pitches. That Muganda was Besweri Mulondo, then-ssabalangira (chief prince), member of the-parliamentary body (NRC), for Mityana, and First Deputy katikiro (prime minister) and minister for Agriculture in the Buganda kingdom government.

Mulondo, who was 69-years old at the time, was a dapper dresser with a penchant for wearing pure-white suits, flamboyant cravats, and matching white Stetson hats.

He died a hated man and to date his family faces some isolation.