Five People perished After Fuel Station Wall Collapses in Ndejje Entebbe Road

In a tragic incident today, five individuals have been reported dead when a perimeter wall belonging to Good Luck fuel station collapsed on them.

The incident occurred in the morning of December 4, 2023, at Ndejje Trading Center, located off Entebbe Road, as confirmed by Fred Enganga, the spokesperson for the Uganda police.

According to Enganga, the collapsed wall crashed onto the victims who were inside their houses, resulting in their untimely deaths. Following the incident, the police fire and rescue services promptly responded, managing to save three individuals who were then rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

“The perimeter wall of Good Luck oil service station collapsed and crashed houses next to it. We have established that five people were crushed to death by this collapsed wall. As for the injured victims, they are receiving medical care, and we will ensure a thorough investigation to determine liability for prosecution,” Enanga explained during a press conference.

This tragic event is not an isolated incident this year. Several similar incidents have occurred, leading to heightened concerns over wall collapse-related fatalities. In Kajjansi, Wakiso District, three children lost their lives after a wall crumbled during a heavy downpour. Additionally, a separate incident involving a collapsed school wall claimed the lives of three pupils. In Butaleja, two students tragically died when a dilapidated school wall collapsed on them.

The recurring nature of these incidents has raised questions about the safety measures in place and brought attention to the need for rigorous inspections and maintenance of structures. Authorities have vowed to launch investigations into the root causes of these collapses and hold accountable those found responsible for potential negligence.