Kampala, Uganda – In a significant move that underscores its commitment to digital inclusivity and technological advancement, Airtel Uganda has proudly announced its role as the Internet Partner for the upcoming 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement. The announcement was made during a press briefing held this week in Kampala.

Speaking to members of the media, manoj murali, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, highlighted the transformative power of digital connectivity and its crucial role in the context of global collaboration and progress. “In a world reshaped by technological advancements, developing countries play an increasingly significant role.

Airtel Uganda is at the forefront of this transformation, bringing many firsts in Uganda and building partnerships that accelerate digital inclusion in Africa” he said. The NAM summit, set to take place from the 15th to the 20th of January 2024 at the Speke Resort Convention Centre Munyonyo, will bring together representatives from 120 nations. It serves as a platform for solidarity, cooperation, and mutual respect among countries striving for sustainable development, peace, and fairness in an interconnected world. Airtel Uganda’s role in the summit extends beyond mere technological support.

The company is poised to provide both 5G and fibre cable internet connectivity, ensuring robust, dependable, and swift internet service throughout the event. “We are Uganda’s first 5G network and the conference venue is fully covered.

We have improved network performance along the Entebbe Express Way, around hotels hosting delegates and Mulago National Referral Hospital. Our commitment is to enable impactful change.

Each interaction, document shared, and video conference at this summit could be the catalyst for innovative solutions, life-changing policies, or transformative partnerships across the world,” added manoj. Serving in 17 countries, each represented at the summit, Airtel Africa reaffirms its dedication to being more than a telecommunications provider.

“We are a partner in progress, a catalyst for change, and a believer in the boundless potential of our nations working in harmony,” manoj concluded. As the Internet Partner for the summit, Airtel Uganda is set to play a pivotal role in facilitating discussions that could shape the future of developing countries and the world at large.