65 percent of Mukono community shun away from booster dose

When Covid-19 virus invaded Uganda, the government together with the ministry of Health was forced to start mass immunization all over the districts across the country as one of the measures adding to those who were given out by the Ministry of Health.

Several vaccines like AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson were given out to Ugandan government to help Ugandan’s to immune their bodies against the deadly virus including Mukono, and after that exercise Ugandan above 80 years, Health workers, Security personnel’s, Bodaboda riders and mention but a few were advised to go back for a booster dose.

In Mukono there target was 35000 according to the District Health Officer Dr Stephen Mulindwa and through the whole exercise 360962 people were vaccinated with the first dose but only 270816 who came back for the second dose which gives the percentage of 75 percent.

According to Dr Mulindwa he says that when the Ministry of Health mobilize the mass most especially those who were at the high risk of getting the virus only few people embraced the programme and out of 270816 people who received their second doze only 27082 people went back for the boaster doze which gives 10 percent and 243734 did not go back for booster dose which gives the 65 percent in Mukono.

“What we have to do is to mobilize the masses because previously we were talking about 80 years and above, health workers, Security workers, bodaboda riders among others were the people’s priorities for the boaster doses.” Dr Mulindwa says.

As the way of increasing the number, Dr Mulindwa says that they have now opened to anybody so long as  the second dose he/she got there’s a period of six months which has passed between the second dose and when you are supposed to get the boaster doze.

” We are giving out booster doses after six months, any  person must continue six month from the day he received his second dose to all vaccines including those who received  a single dose of Johnson and Johnson” Dr Mulindwa noted.

Dr Mulindwa has attributed the low turn up due to inadequate information, because sometimes the flow of information can also affect service utilization, so they need to update the mass about the boaster dose and also to justify the importance of the boaster.

He urged the community that it’s very important for someone to get a booster dose because it’s a new disease, new vaccine studies are still ongoing and you never know studies are telling us others.

Moses  Musasizi a boda boda rider in Mukono says that he tried to mobilize his colleagues to back for the boaster doze but on their surprise the health team which was carrying out the exercise tasked them to first pay some money which ranges between 5000-10000 they some couldn’t afford.

“ We wanted to get the booster dose because it’s our right to get any treatment but we failed to achieve it because we  failed to raise the amount which the medics wanted so we ended up giving up.” Musasizi noted

Currently Mukono district has resumed mass immunization all over like Mukono General Hospital, Ngandu trading center, Nasuti at UCU church, Kyungu Health center, Basiima Kikooza Primary school and mention but a few.

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