A boda Rider in Mukono Hit by Iron Bar Hitmen

A motorcyclist (boda rider) identified as Isaac Tumwesi who has been operating in Katosi Town Council in Mukono district was on the night of Sunday, August 11, attacked by two iron-bar hit men.

Tumwesi was heading to a destination known as Kojja in Ntenjeru sub-county from Katosi Town Council.

“I was at the boda stage in Katosi town council waiting for customers when two men walked up to me and asked me to take them to their home in Kojja,” he narrated.

Tumwesi narrated his ordeal which involved two men who had earlier on approached him disguised as passengers.

“I agreed to take them however, in the middle of the journey the customers turned against me and started hitting me with iron bars till we fell off the motorcycle. They then fled off with my motorcycle and phone,” he recalled.

The motorcycle’s number plate that was stolen is UEW 822/A.

Speaking to Mr Tumwesi’s family, his brother Mr Emmanuel Tugume said that he received a call from friends telling him that his brother is in hospital.

“I received a call from my friend Steven Kigongo saying that my brother was hit by iron bar hit men and that he is admitted at Herona Medical Hospital in Kisoga town council,” said Mr Tugume.

Dr Garvin Mukalazi of Herona medical hospital said that the injuries sustained did not crack the patient’s skull.

Dr Mukalazi said: “The patient was brought in while bleeding profusely due to the injuries he sustained on his head.”

“The good news is that his skull did not crack as a result of being hit by those iron barmen,” he added.

While speaking to the police in Katosi Town Council, ASP Cox Fawuzi noted that investigations are still underway.

“As per now we are still carrying out investigations on the matter,” said ASP Fawuzi.

He noted that if the CCTV cameras had been in operation they would have been able to capture the footage of the men in action.

“The cameras are not yet working. This would have helped us to ease our work in capturing these men,” ASP Fawuzi said:

He also cautioned boda boda riders to always find a method of identifying their customers in case of any eventualities.

“I advise boda boda cyclists to always mark the faces of their customers in case something happens to them, they can easily be captured,” he said.

“They should avoid riding in dangerous places and also stop riding late into the wee hours of the night because nobody can come to your rescue when you are getting beaten in such hours of the night,” he cautioned.