MASUUMI JUMA: A Comic Legislator Hon. Ssemujju Nganda has chosen to Hoodwink Ugandans into having a Social Media following the Accost Attack on President Museveni

The Kira Municipality three termed legislator and FDC Party chief whip Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda’s rolling off misleading narratives on the floor of Parliament is now realized as his daily business because it works for him in gaining popularity on social media sites.

It’s a bit surprising how Hon. Ssemujju- as an experienced legislator and a senior journalist has chosen to serve Ugandans “Kira Municipality” in a comic fashion by attacking President Museveni and his Family.

We do remember him presenting a minority report in response to the Budget Committee report for the estimates for the Financial year 2023/2024 where he stated that; “Money allocated to the State House should be slashed because the President and First Lady, Maama Janet, no longer have children to tend to in the State House since they now have families of their own” and the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Mr. Faruk Kirunda responded to him in an educative manner.

“Let me take the opportunity to educate our leaders that the State House is a very broad institution. President Museveni as a leader elected by Ugandans made the State House a special operative institution that backs up the mainstream Government structure. It’s an institution that checks and supplements other institutions. For example, you are all now familiar with the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) headed by Brig. Henry Isoke. As the name goes, that unit which has opened new ground in the fight against corruption is housed within; the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) headed by Mr. Sandor Walusimbi whom I Deputise is also there; There is a Lands Department, a Legal Department, and several other operations all established for the good function of Uganda and benefitting Ugandans.” Faruk said

“State House is less of a home and more of an office complex, but with many facilities that are accessible to Ugandans of all shades. Many Ugandans have been to and attended functions and meetings at the State House. Having the State House saves Government resources because it hosts functions that would otherwise be booked into private venues or require the President to travel a lot. State House hosts foreign dignitaries coming to strengthen our relations with regional and foreign Governments for the benefit of Ugandans. Many investors are also hosted at the State House before they head to the ground.” He added

Today we have seen him stating how Museveni has; 400 vehicles, 109 advisors, 996 employees, 59 waitresses, 14 room attendants, 40 private secretaries, and 80 gardeners, 129 drivers, 50 cleaners, 35 cooks, and 12 chefs. Hon. Ssemujju in his experience, has failed to understand how the Presidency and statehouse run to the extent of attributing the Statehouse’s Budget to President Museveni as an Individual forgetting that President Museven’s home is in Rwakitura. The President has different state lodges in different parts of the region across the country and these are all funded by the Statehouse budget and resources passed by Parliament by law.

Chapter 7, Article 106 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda is very clear on the Terms and Conditions of Service to the President and it says;

(1) The President shall be paid a salary and allowances and afforded such other benefits as Parliament shall by law provide.

(2) Parliament shall, by law, make provision for the grant of benefits for a President who ceases to hold of ice otherwise than by being removed under paragraph (a) or (b) of clause (1) of article 107 of this Constitution.

(3) The salary, allowances and other benefits granted to a President under this article shall be charged to the Consolidated Fund.

(4) The President is exempted from direct personal taxation on allowances and other benefits except on the official salary.

(5) The President shall not hold any other public office other than those conferred by this

Constitution or any office of profit or emolument likely to compromise the office of President.

(6) The salary, allowances, and other benefits granted to the President under this article shall not be varied to the disadvantage of the President while he or she holds office.

(7) The retirement benefits granted to a President under the article shall not be varied to the disadvantage of the President.

Whatever the Statehouse holds where President Museveni is the head is in law and passed by the Parliament where Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has been a member for 3 terms.

Leaders should adopt to love Ugandans, and serve their interests, rather than drive the cheap politics of identity and hoodwinking Citizens. President Museveni has sacrificed for this country and given all his youthful energy and now elderly maturity for the benefit of the Wanainch but other leaders have failed to copy his ideology of Patriotism, they join politics for business and blame game. Playing a dummy to mislead the public using the floor of Parliament will not take our country forward because the revolution of transforming Africa is not a public-speaking tournament and discussing individuals but to improve the concrete situation of the masses.

For God and my country!


Masuumi Juma

Political Analyst.