A man Plants Bananas in a Pot Hole Found in Kampala-Jinja Highway

A man planted bananas in a pot hole which developed in the middle of Kampala-Jinja highway in area of Seeta found in Mukono municipality.

According to William George Kisakye says that he decided to this in order to save the lives of many Ugandans who could have perished in accidents as a result of this pot hole.

He explains that it’s a pity to see that government has neglected this major highway by not fixing such pot hole which has already caused death to some boda riders.

This pot hole is located in one of black spot on this highway and it’s in a corner which makes it too dangerous to motorists.

Kisakye with help of other people came with a hoe and planted bananas in it so that drivers can be able to see it at a distance in order to save lives of people who use this busy highway.

According to Robert Ssozi a councilor at Mukono municipal council says that as municipal authority have written many letters to UNRA and ministry of works to fix pot holes found in this highway but no response has been made yet.

Ssozi explains that most section of this highway from Nakawa up to Mukono town its in poor state and it needs full reconstruction in order to ease movement of vehicles.