A Ugandan Mathias Kiguli in Exile is Wanted Over Family Wrangles

A 30-year old Ugandan a resident of Kalengera village, Ntenjeru sub-county in Mukono district and alleged to be  residing in the UK, is wanted by the CIID headquarters in Kibuli, to answer charges of abetting a family wrangle that culminated into the maiming of his mother Sarah Nakafu.

Mathias Kiguli’s troubles began way back in August 2016 when, in honour of the will of his late father Lawrence Magonge, a section of family members installed him as heir.

 This did not go down well with some family members whereupon they immediately began persecuting him to the extent of influencing security agents to issue a warrant of arrest for Kiguli.

His dad the late Magonge was the chairperson of the Democratic Party (DP) the oldest and one of the leading opposition political parties, which created more justification for the security agents to look for him. 

In an interview with Kiguli on phone, he said he reported to police immediately he realized the troubles he was confronted with, but adds he was never assisted. “In the ensuing fracas, my mother Nakafu was attacked by family members who beat her up and cut her with machetes and in the process losing her fingers”, he said.

He further adds that because of the haste in which he left, he was unceremoniously separated with his family and is currently ignorant about the whereabouts of his wife and daughter.

When this reporter approached Kiguli’s mother, she was still feeling sickly and very weak, and she said she nolonger carries out her duties after losing her fingers to the attackers who were menacingly asking her for the whereabouts of his son.

The said Kiguli’s mother had scars left by the machete cuts, and her left hand fingers cut off, and was nursing wounds on the head, hands and other parts of the body.

‘What adds injury to my pain is the fact that I cannot communicate to my son wherever he is and I find it difficult to make ends meet in life”, the ailing mother said. 

Attempts to seek comment from the police spokesperson Fred Enanga proved futile as he was for two consecutive days said to be engaged in other pressing duties in field work.

When our reporter made attempts to seek public opinion about the matter, several elders said the late Magonge left considerable wealth behind which they added, is the reason why family members fell out and in the process forcing Kiguli the heir to flee into exile.