Adam Luzindana Buyinza; What is ONC? Are they operating Legally?

If u look at ONC,  it doesn’t exist because of Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the NRM National Chairman.

ONC has more powers than what NRM mobilisers think. This is State craft, not every NRM Mobiliser has capacity to comprehend but I will simplify it..

ONC derives it’s powers from Gen.Museveni the Head of State and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

This means that ONC is doing special Assignments for the President and its facilitated not by money from NRM but from the State and from the Head of State.

ONC is not answerable to Electoral commission neither does it operate within the Framework of the Political Parties and Organizations Act..

ONC is directly under the Head of State who is Gen Museveni.

That is why I pitty people fighting those ONC Guys.

ONC has no link to NRM Party.

NRM Constitution doesn’t provide for the establishment of the Office of the NRM National Chiarman as a separate office but the Head of State and the President of Uganda has all powers to establish an office to coordinate his work of the Chairman of NRM.

These are complex issues which an ordinary NRM Mobiliser can’t understand.
Lastly and I want to guide you, ONC is beyond NRM.

Its more of a deep state initiative working directly under the president of Uganda who is the head of state.
The president can assign ONC people to do anything.

Whatever ONC do doesn’t affect NRM Party structures and NRM secretariat and it’s work can’t be included in the NRM Party report.ONC can’t take away the mandate of NRM Secretariat for example, NRM secretariat retain all powers to organise Party Elections at all levels and this will always be.

NRM secretariat has all powers on the management and coordination of lowers Party offices and structures..ONC can’t do the above two but it can do targeted and community based mobilisstion on guidance of the Head of State.

This means ONC is a special purpose vehicle for the commander in Chief, the head of state and president of Uganda.

For example, the National Treasurer of NRM doesn’t know how ONC is facilitated and can’t ask for ONC Expenditure report..This is proof that ONC is answerable to the Head of State not to the National Chairman of NRM (This is another topic to be discussed).

NOTE that it’s possible to fight the NRM National Chairman (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni), but it’s complex, very hard to fight the Head of State who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and President of Uganda (Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni).

ONC is under the Head of State, President of Uganda and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces..Truth is ONC is not under NRM Secretariat…

It’s my opinion. You have yours.

Buyinza Adam Luzindana
Subsistence Farmer
Kayunga District