Adjusting to sail through COVID-19 and beyond as a Business leader

We all believe covid-19 will most likely influence alot of events not just in 2020 but in the next decade, lifestyle will never be the same again,

People are changing what they buy, when they buy and how they buy.

This write-up is intended to initiate a conversation in your mind as a Salesperson or business leader.

It’s honestly our role as business leaders to shape the new normal. Businesses must change to meet buyer needs and must also adopt new business models.

Today, one has to consider the new customer behavior, new economic outlook and new supply chain before taking any sales drives, product development, pitches or even messages, what was ideal before covid-19 will most likely create less impact now.

Customers nolonger shop with shoes but with fingers, adopting from bricks to clicks is brilliant for your business success which can only grow with a well established delivery system, the less time lag between order and delivery the more trust your business will earn. Cashless business transactions will reduce your risks, I strongly recommend Mobile Payment systems like Airtel Money Pay.

Therefore, business leaders contemplating on how to react with the new shift in spending, movement and customer needs, adopting to the new way must be a priority in these trying moments, business will fundamentally be different from what it used to be.

Writer is a salesman.



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