Ambassador Walusimbi addresses first edition of virtual engagements with Diaspora to uplift the welfare of Ugandans in Qatar

In the address, delivered virtually, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Ambassador Hajji Abbey Walusimbi, has assured the Ugandan Community in Qatar (UGACOQ) that as the Ambassador at large, handling and coordinating diaspora issues in government & working together with stakeholders, he will mobilise and empower Ugandans in Qatar.

Conveying warm greetings from His Excellency to about 6000 Ugandans in Qatar, Walusimbi said the President is aware of UGACOQ, which represents a powerful force for the development of Uganda, both through remittances, promotion of trade, investments, innovation and knowledge transfer.

In a bid to nip some employment related issues, in the bud before escalation, the Ambassador pledged to liaise with key stakeholders, including Internal Affairs & NIRA, to ensure passport renewal & ID processing is done.

Walusimbi disclosed that he will tour the Gulf region, including Qatar, to interface with UGACOQ, and ascertain their living and working conditions.

He thanked UGACOQ for being well-organized, and urged them to remain united, disciplined ideologically, spiritually, morally and technically if they are to be useful, to themselves and their motherland.

Deputy Head of Mission, Ambassador Muhammad Keezala, noted that very often, UGACOQ faces challenges, including poor working and living conditions, lack of information on investment opportunities, limited multi-stakeholder coordination. He, however, assured that the Embassy is handling some of the issues, by offering consular services, document attestation, and welfare activities for the community.

On their part, UGACOQ committee, led by, the Chairperson, Aliguma Saul Rayan, called upon government to avail information and support related to various aspects of living and working in Qatar, with major emphasis on passport renewal & processing of national IDs, document attestation & renewal.

They also asked government to promote Ugandan culture & traditions in Qatar, by providing support to UGACOQ, to take part in upcoming events, such as the Qatar Expo in October 2023. This, in a bid to foster cultural exchange & understanding between both countries.

In addition, UGACOQ appealed to government to provide information on business and investment in Uganda, through offering guidance on investment policies, economic trends, potential sectors for business ventures, and government programs, including PDM.

UGACOQ also asked for legal and welfare support, in case of emergencies involving labour export companies & remittance safety.

The community requested government to establish a community home for Ugandans in Qatar, fostering social connections and networking. This, can also serve as a business hub, paving way for Ugandan goods, thus encouraging trade and investment.

In order to bridge this gap and maximize diaspora contributions, the Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor for Diaspora Affairs, has supported and set up the Diaspora Coordination Centre, a platform that will better represent the voices of the diaspora, and enhance the visibility of the key role they play in the economic development of Uganda.

Virtual meeting was attended by Luswata Robert, Bangi Margaret, Joseph Okiru, Nyanzi Fred, Jaith Keishe, Henry Mbaziira, Alungat Faith, Brian Birungi, Lukia Namakula, Edrisa Muhumuza, Ashraf Gavamukulya, Herbert Mukungu, Franco Kikulwe, Edson Kampurira, & Martin Kyaligonza.