Another lie? MP. Tebandeke warns Kayunga locals on Kayunga -Galiraya road works.

Baale county MP, Charles Tebandeke cautions residents not to believe government promises on Kayunga – Bbaale – Galiraya road works.

Last week Uganda media reported that the Museveni administration has committed this time to have work on the road started after over 20 years of promises.

The Bbaale county member of Parliament, Hon. Charles Tebandeke however cautioned residents against what he termed early celebrations. He said government has long been promising “hot air” in regards to road works on Kayunga -Galiraya road.

Tebandeke told the media on Thursday that until the road is put on the national budget this year and road works starts in the area, Kayunga should not celebrate saying this may be another lip service to hoodwink the locals.

The road has been on Uganda government unfunded projects since Kayunga was curved from Mukono to become an autonomous district of Uganda.

In 2022 during the by-election of the Kayunga district chairperson which brought in Andrew Muwonge as the district chairperson, President Yoweri Museveni and the Prime Minister, Hon. Robinah Nabbanja while campaigning for Mr. Muwonge promised that road works would begin within a month. The by-election followed the death of Mr. Ffeeffeka Serubogo who is said to have died misteriously.

Locals demonstrating against the bad road on Kayunga -Galiraya road PHOTO Credit/New Vision
Locals demonstrating against the bad road on Kayunga -Galiraya road. PHOTO Credit/ New Vision , Charles Jjuuko

In October 2023 as the country was preparing for the commemoration of the national independence, Kayunga locals led by the Bbaale county held a civil demonstration dubbed “Black Independence” to express their anger against government for the delayed fulfilment of the promise.

The Road.

Kayunga -Bbaale – Galiraya road is an 89km road which starts from Kayunga town council through Bbaale town council to Kawongo landing site in Galiraya on Lake Kyoga.

The road once completed will connect the two districts of Kayunga and Nakasongola thereby creating a highway that will shorten travel time to Northern Uganda. Nakasongo district boarders Apac and Amolatar districts.

In 2022, the state minister for finance in charge of planning Hon, Amos Lugoloobi told the media in Kayunga that the road is expected to cost between ugx450b to ugx560b ($120m-$150m) which was to be borrowed from the Export-import bank of India (Exim).

The community problem.

The delayed road works allegedly increased the plight of the locals in Kayunga district. According to the locals, the introduction of sugarcane trucks and speeding boda boda has increased road carnage in the district.

The low social and economic development in the area is also attributed to the dusty road characterised by potholes and mud.

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