Army in Buvuma Island Burnt Fishing Nets Worth 250 Millions Shilling

Army in Buvuma Island burnt fishing nets worth 250 million shillings after carrying out operation on waters of Lake Victoria with an aim of eliminating illegal fishing gears.

According to Cpt. Steven Kayituka who is a commander of this operation in Buvuma districts says that they managed to collect these alleged fishing gears in two weeks and have been used by fishermen to fish immature fish.

He explains that they have decided to set up a temporary camp on water boundaries of district of Buvuma, Buikwe and Jinja so that they can deal with fishermen who may be migrating to Islands with illegal fishing gears.

The operation did not stop only on burning illegal fishing gears but also they arrested those who were ferrying immature fish according to Kayituka.

The deputy RDC of Buvuma district Juma Kigongo asked residents to appreciate the effort put in by army in fighting illegal fishing on waters of Lake Victoria.

Kigongo informed them that when change happens in a given society there are some people who are being affected positively and others negatively.

Some of the fishermen who witnessed the burning exercise of this fishing gears carried in Busamuzi Island said that they have abandoned illegal fishing after being seriously caned by the army.

Fishermen asked government also to supply to them fishing nets of good standards so that they do not end up begging or robbery.