Bamasaba Requests H.E President Museveni To Give Another Chance To Hon. Irene Muloni

The bamasaba/bagisu are believed to have been one of the NRM’S Ally ever since president Museveni got leadership. Bugisu like luwero is also an NRM historical site due to many said incidences which happened there.

You notice that president Museveni survived many death traps with the help of bamasaba who always felt that his agenda was the best for the country. From that time H.E has always been in good terms with the bamasaba.

He has worked with people like Hon Wanjusi wasieba, the late Wapakhabulo, the late Amb Dr Hassan Galiwango, the late Maumbe and many others but currently the bamasaba feels like there is something wrong.

After the fallout of Hon Irene Muloni who has been the peace keeper and unifier of the sub region together with Hon Kafabusa Welikhe bugisu sub region has experienced power vacuum beyond repair. Those who replaced them everyone knows what happened to them during the iron sheet saga and currently bugisu has only one Minister and more over representing the elderly.

Bugisu no longer has a leader who can easily connect with the president in case of need, its concerns are aired through the normal channels of a layman.

The sub-region feels that it’s left behind and has no share of the current national cake.

The idea of the party picking people for deployment who don’t have service ideas and the party ideology at heart has cost the sub-region, they now seek for president’s intervention in considering the rightful party fighters back to the system.

People like Hon Irene Muloni have always been loyal to the system even after being dropped from the cabinet, they still mobilize people to support the party and still serve people diligently I think they deserve another chance.

This is the cry of the local people in the sub-region.