Benefits of owning a house at Mirembe Villas- Kigo, its great potential in terms of standards, up-to-date style of houses

The numerous benefits of owning a house at Mirembe Villas- Kigo cannot be understated especially when it comes to its great potential in terms of standards, up-to-date style of houses, security and so on.

As per our current economic situation, it’s very much advisable for one to buy a house through an instalment scheme. Yes, it’s highly profitable to buy once but financial experts always advise that one shouldn’t go beyond his/her earnings and budget.

Therefore, seeing all that, Mirembe Villas Kigo created a perfect way for how one can invest in real estate without much financial discomfort because it would affect his/her everyday life activities.

Always remember that in property investment, flexible payment plans remain the best approach to ensure that esteemed clients wouldn’t have to go beyond their limits in trying to acquire their dream property because a sweet dream may become a nightmare.

At Mirembe Villas Kigo they understood and mastered this game which is why they have developed very flexible payment plans of up to 24 months that will make the ownership of your dream property stress-free and a reality. Also, the 24 monthly payment plans have zero interest.

Although a one-off or outright payment plan is highly recommended, it will afford you the opportunity of getting all your property’s title documents instantly, the muscle of your cash flow and the funds available to you will be the determinate factor.

Notwithstanding, one can also leverage Mirembe Villas’ flexible payment plans, all you need do is to choose your preferred payment plan and ensure to complete your payment within your chosen payment period.

“At Mirembe Villas we have lowered the entry barrier to owning a real estate property, and your financial status should no longer be the reason for you not acquiring your dream property. Our affordable and well-structured flexible different payment options and plans are tailor-made to make your dream of owning a property come true,” said Mirembe Villas’ Senior property consultant, Derrick Musasizi.

At Mirembe Villas, clients are given 2 years payment plan at zero interest. How is it done? The client first pays the initial deposit of USD 10,000 regardless of the house one is buying. The purpose of USD10,000 is to secure two things for the client; to secure the current price because with real estate, prices change upwards and the exact property one has chosen.

So after the USD10,000, the client is given a period of 30 days to bring the initial deposit from the booking fee, the initial deposit is usually 10 per cent of the price one is taking.

Nevertheless, why is such a scheme wonderful? By the way, it has benefited many clients.

First of all, putting all of your eggs in one basket is not recommended by expert investors. Investing all the money in a single project is never a good option. Thus, in this way, you can invest your savings in a number of projects as you have to pay a small amount in this plan.

Secondly, most Ugandans have arranged monthly budgets with respect to their income earnings. Therefore instalments allow one to budget the expenditures better with good outcomes over time. On the other hand, one may not be able to save enough to buy property all at once. But through this scheme, the client will be able to become a proud owner of his dream house in just a few years.

Also, the cost of the property in Uganda is quite high. Further, many people do not have the finances to pay huge amounts all at once. It is not easy on the pocket as well. Thus, in this regard of Mirembe Villas scheme of two years, instalment helps individuals to invest. It is easy for them to take out a certain amount of cash from their monthly expenditures.

Choosing to buy a house at Mirembe Villas on instalment allows you to get a home for yourself or your family quickly, even with limited funds. It can be challenging for several people to buy their dream house on full payment. In these cases, people get fast housing by paying what they have on hand and then paying the rest later while living in their homes.

Meanwhile, Mirembe Villas has a number of houses, apparently, the project has over 150 houses, among them including; Villas (storied houses ranging from four to six bedrooms), bungalows (mainly three and four bedrooms, apartments (basically three main bedrooms and one servant quarter).

For booking, please call the Hotline: +256 414 696 368 or Email: You can also visit them at their office: Garden City Shopping & Leisure Centre, Shop LG5 Plot LR 64/86 Yusuf Lule Road.