Benjamin Bugingo: Twelve years in Banking Sector; a journey centered on Women empowering through financial loans; rising women program


He has been in the banking sector for the last twelve years; lived up to a dream worth sharing in empowering women through business literacy and management; Benjamin Bugingo.

The early beginnings of Bugingo to the elevation as DFCU Banking manager in Masaka City has been a work filled with hard work; commitment and being accountable in the banking sector management.

Bugingo married to Ms Irene Kugonza whom they have produced two children and served as the bank manager for Bank of Africa ten years; knows little more than being accountable with finance and business management.

Bugingo shares that a lot of resilience has been realized in the banking sector ever since he acclimatized women as the primary benefits in all the business initiatives championed by DFCU Bank including Raising Women program that has impacted women emancipation in different businesses through regions; Masaka, Mbale and Fortpotal District.

“A lot of savings and liquidity has been realized in the business sector. People have realized that saving money digitally costs less and they’ve adapted to the programs,” Bugingo who joined DFCU Bank in February 2022 says.

Bugingo is a graduate with Bachelors Degree of Arts in Economics at Makerere University which he attained in 2011 before enrolling for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Uganda Martyrs University in 2020.

“I managed to focus in banking and recently I graduated with a Certificate in Insurance in Information Technology from Insurance Training College to attain more skills and relevancy in my career,” he says.

He shares that a lot has transpired in the business sector and the women’s growth into the business sector has lifted the business sector.

“The people should go digital as per to survive and trade their businesses online,” he says.

“A lot of potential in trade finance, commerce and tourism and employment of the local market has been realized,” he shares.

Mr. Benjamin Bugingo during the Rising Women training organised by DFC U Bank at Garden Courts Hotel Masaka City.

Averagely; 99 percent of the people in the banking sector at DFCU bank are Ugandans and women were granted a courtesy of 17 percent loan initiative worth shs: 10m to shs: 1billion .

At 34- years-old; Bugingo shares that they employ a total of 15000 staff members in the country and women are credited for braving the economic trials and emerging business influence in management.

“We have exerted a lot of energy on the Rising Women program to change the women’s productivity and capital in their businesses. It is clear that a 17 percent benefit is granted for women pursuing loans worth shs: 10m to shs: 1billion,” he says.

He shares that the growths of Masaka City has elevated the economic sector whereby women have grown into managers in businesses; Hardwares, beverage distributors and those in Agro-business have all lifted the economy.

“The blessing of two markets; Masaka Central Market and Nyendo Market have all impacted the economy and wholesale consumption is promising,” he says.

Bugingo says; women in Greater Masaka have cooperatively organized themselves in different association and many pursue loans from DFC U Bank in their affiliated groups.

He credits; Mrs Grace Bwogi as a focal women that has lifted up the transition of business literacy and starting small businesses with little investment.

“DFCU Bank is willing and capable to empower women through their respective business such as those in hairdressing, farming; mostly Ms. Bwogi in goat rearing have all benefited a lot of women through our loan schemes and training,” he says.