Betty Nambooze Bakireke ask Ugandans to Resist Uganda Communications Commission Directive to Media Houses

I understand that the regime through UCC has moved to pressurise media houses to the extent of demanding that they (Media houses) suspend particular individuals from work. I wonder under what law UCC Mutaabazi is issuing such orders?

First of all no person is supposed to be convicted unheard and secondly UCC cannot be both the complaint and judge in this matter. It has been brought to my knowledge that this is not the first time that Mutaabazi is ordering media houses to sack journalists.

I have learnt that some time back a presenter of a religious program that would host VIPs at NBS to lead in preaching and praying was dismissed at the orders of UCC for hosting Hon.Zaake who allegedly made a prayer for God’s curse to descend on Museveni. I find this to be an abitrary act and we will seek for a revisit of this matter.

About the current matter, we promise to stand with the persecuted journalists. We also wish to request the affected media houses not to be intimidated to rush into actions that are obviously illegal.
To UCC we want to say that gagging the media has never saved any regime from collapsing instead such Governments lose out on information from the citizenry that would have assisted them to correct their mistakes.

We are also of the opinion that yours is now an action in futality since modern technological advancement in communication has overtaken supervised media channels. Citizen journalism today is unstoppable and Ugandans and indeed the whole world stand to see the nakedness of your regime. I advise you that instead of seeking to gag the media you counsel security organs not to do things they would rather not wish the public see them doing.

As the People’s Minister of Information I wish to request Ugandans not to bend to the demands of what now has turned out to be a Junta regime. We shall definitely overcome.
The happenings in the Country today, have placed us on call to stand with our persecuted brother Hon.Kyagulanyi and other people around up since Monday tomorrow as they are paraded in the dock. Don’t wait to watch proceedings on TV after all the live coverage is being fought by UCC.

Every single citizen is a journalist and as your Minister for information,I implore you to continue relaying information through word of the mouth, letters,telephone conversations and SMS, Social media and all other available means. Meanwhile we call upon you to revive our forefathers radio Katwe which no authority can switch off.