Betty Nambooze Bakireke-Dear my Constituents of Mukono Municipality, I salute you.

There is a group of our supporters who have designed and circulated a poster showing me carrying a badge of the newly unveiled NUP party.

That section of our supporters in Mukono  have also sent me a copy   of this poster with a message that, that is where they want me to be and I have no choice.


Ofcourse my supporters and the whole Mukono- DP branch are very upset that two days ago DP President Norbert Mao paraded people at the Party weekly Press conference and declared some individuals from Mukono as the party flag bearers without giving the members of Mukono DP – branch their Constitutionally bestowed right to hold party primaries and vote for flag bearers.

Well, my supporters have a right to demand of me action. In case I don’t agree with them, I will be under obligation to explain myself. I recognise the frustration and mockery we have been subjected to as a branch and appreciate that considering to relocate to another political platform is founded on very strong reasons.


For now I wish to inform you that I am still consulting with colleagues and constituents so that the decision I will finally take will not be mine alone. I wish to assure you also that, whatever decision we shall make will be for the greater good of the struggle to democratise our country.

I wish you to know that I’m following the debate arising from that poster with interest. Nevertheless, personally I can’t make such a declaration in so casual a manner or a lone ranger.

Politics is a group game. For example, I’m a member of Ssuubi and  other political formations, I am in DP as a member with a life membership card and I am also in Parliament on DP ticket.

I must however inform you that I am a victim of vindictive and unconstitutional actions of the DP President and together with you stand  persecuted in DP.

I therefore wish to inform you that NUP is now one of the options available for Opposition activists including myself.

Following these developments and the pending national elections, tomorrow the majority members of the DP- NEC including myself  who disagree with the  actions of our current party chief executive will have a meeting and after hold a Press conference to address Ugandans on this matter.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have continued to give to me and I wish to assure you that we shall overcome.

Bakireke Nambooze Betty ( MP)

Mukono Municipality

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