Bishop Ssebaggala Confronted by Angry Students of Mukono High School

Bishop William Ssebaggala of Mukono Diocese narrowly survived stoning by rioting students of Mukono High School over alleged poor adjudication in favor of their rivals, Bishop’s SS (BSSM), Tuesday. 

This was during their annual music competition for the Anglican Church funded secondary schools held at Mukono High School.  Rioters smashed the hind screen of BSSM bus popularly known as Bishopian. 

“Instead of smashing the bus I’m here,” said Ssabaggala before a stone landed on his cassock. 

According to eye witness immediately they announced Mukono High School in second position; students stormed out of school hall and started throwing stones to administrators were also bishop Ssebaggala was seated.

Mukono high students went ahead and also hide a bull which was supposed to be given to a winner and hide it so that they may not give it to the winner which was Bishop Senor School Mukono.

When matters went out of control when it was around 8:00pm the church administrators were forced to call Mukono police to rescue the situation.

During that process bishop Ssebaggala was still stuck in main hall with other guests as students went rowdy stoning vehicles of visiting schools.

When police intervened students went on streets and stoned vehicles which included a coaster which was transporting another school.

Mukono high School head teacher Julius Mukwanya admits what happened at school but he says it doesn’t mean that its only Mukono High school students who miss behaved only because this competition had many other schools.

Mukwanya informed this publication that as his school it has already met the costs of damaged properties which is mostly two vehicles one which being a bus of Bishop Senor School.

He blamed this on poor organization led by Rev. Geoffrey Kagoye who is secretary of education for Mukono diocese.

When Rev Geoffrey Kagoye was contacted he said that everything went well apart from few things which went against them.

He explained that Bishop Ssebaggala was safe during the fracas that happened after announcing the winner.  

This competition which is aimed at promoting talent in students had seven Anglican Schools from Mukono diocese which included: Bishop SS Mukono, Mukono High School, Bishop Nkoyoyo SS, Kisowera SS, Ndeeba SS, Namataba SS and Kitatya SS.