Blood shed in Mukono as NRM Members Battered each other

Several people in Mukono district in Mpatta sub county sustained serious injuries as two rival NRM camps crushed each other and some vehicles were smashed.

The two camps of Andrew Ssenyonga and Hajji Haruna Ssemakula had sticks which they used to fight each other resulting into some people to sustain serious injuries and were admitted in health centers.


Its alleged that a group of rowdy supporters of Hajji Haruna Ssemakula when they heard Andrew Ssenyonga convoy was heading to Mpatta sub county for his NRM campaigns they blocked the road while carrying Ssemakula’s posters.

This act of a group of blocking the road while displaying posters of Ssemakula resulted into a fight which left both camps with serious injuries and vehicles destroyed.

A vehicle which was destroyed

The two camps of Andrew Ssenyonga and Hajji Haruna Ssemakula who are battling to get NRM ticket to contest on chairmanship of Mukono district in coming general elections are carrying out public gatherings in various parts of the district.

Hajji Haruna Ssemakula                                 Andrew Ssenyonga

Some of these gathering do not meet Standard Operations Procedures  as set by ministry of health and no one has ever arrested or dispersed them as it has been to other political gatherings in the country.

However the camp of Hajji Haruna Ssemakula has come up with their statement which they have posted on social media platforms and it reads:

Yesterday, 22 August 2020, a group of rowdy supporters of L5 Chairman Andrew Senyonga beat residents  of Mpatta subcounty, accusing them of supporting aspiring candidate for the LC 5 seat Alhajji Haruna Semakula.

The fracas started when Mr. Senyonga, in a convoy of over 20 vehicles met with a huge group of people carrying Mr. Semakula’s posters in Mpata.

“I was on a boda boda and just found myself being battered by men in Andrew Senyonga’s pickup truck. I think it is my right to support the candidate of my choice,” said Falidah Nabisunku, the Youth Chairperson of Mpata subcounty.

“Many of our young people were beaten terribly and are still nursing wounds in our health centers here.

Joseph Seruga, another resident in Mpata said he saw a pick up truck fully loaded with beating sticks and had police officers in it.

“We have a son of the Chairman of Mugomba village here who is still hospitalised. Those thinking it is a lie should come and visit him. Why should someone be beaten for supporting Alhajji Haruna Semakula?” Seruga said.

Reached for comment, Alhajji Haruna Ssemakula said he intervened in the situation after being alerted that lawless people were beating up innocent residents.

Semakula said he received information that Mr. Senyonga had hired 20 coasters, full of unknown people in Mukono town, to purposely go to Mpata.

Mpata is the home subcounty of Alhajji Haruna Semakula.

“I was in Nakisunga when I got the news that innocent people in Mpata were being battered like cows. I headed there with my team and found that what I heard was actually true. All those that were beaten opened up cases with Police,” said Semakula.

The Alhajji Haruna Semakula Taskforce, headed by Nagojje LC5 Councillor Davie lukyamuzi lashed out the Senyonga team, for failing to convince supporters to their side and instead resorting to violence.

The NRM leadership has in the recent past repeatedly called on all people standing as candidates, to peaceful campaigns.

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