Bobi Wine has mentally conceded defeat – Says Museveni’s aide Kirunda

The Museveni blue-eyed boy Farouk Kirunda castigates Bobi Wine for being an irresponsible politician, who doesn’t mind about the lives of others apart from his family.

Museveni’s aide and Administrator at Kyambogo office of the National Chairman [ONC] Mr.Farouk Kirunda has blasted the National Unity Platform flag bearer, Robert Kyagulanyi [Bobi Wine] for turning to the International Criminal Court to complain about President Yoweri Museveni.

Mr.Farouk Kirunda says that, Bobi Wine has started showing signs of frustrations and anxiety of a defeated man as elections near the finish line.

He says that Bobi Wine’s actions to trade numerous accusations and unnecessary allegations against government clearly explains why he sneaked his family out of Uganda to US.

Mr. Kyagulanyi who also trades in showbiz as Bobi Wine has written a complaint to the Hague court, accusing president Museveni of authorizing a torrent of human rights violations against him personally, and his associates.

However Mr. Farouk Kirunda, a top Museveni political handler has told The Homeland Newspaper that Bobi Wine’s verbal and body language shows a defeated man who wants to explain why he is losing the election before it cast.

“By talking about seeking redress in foreign courts, Bobi Wine does not believe he can win these polls. Otherwise, he would wait for January 14 and seek justice from local courts he would oversee as president,” said Mr. Kirunda who serves as an administrator at the NRM’s Office of the National Chairman located at Kyambogo.

The Museveni blue-eyed boys castigated Bobi Wine for being an irresponsible politician, who doesn’t mind about the lives of others apart from his family.

He also accused him of intentionally spreading Covid-19.

“Do you imagine this man is wearing a bullet proof without a threat to his life, but does not wear any masks when moving through crowds!” Kirunda wondered.  “Bobi Wine has insisted on turning his campaigns into big rallies, where he moves and addresses large crowds, against Uganda and international health guidelines.

“I believe the NUP candidate and his team have unsuccessfully tried to provoke government and I should applaud our forces for the maximum restraint.

Mr. Kirunda heaped praise on NRM candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who he says enjoys a lot of countrywide support but has observed SOPs as a responsible leader and father who cares about his people.

“When they lose, Bobi Wine and his people should blame themselves for having nothing to tell Ugandans apart from theatrics of provoking security forces and spreading Covid-19.” Kirunda said.

There is growing pressure in the Bobi Wine camp as some of his supporters are incarcerated in jail, a few days to Uganda’s 2021 general elections.

The former popstar turned politician has entered the last lap of the campaigns with several members of his inner circle including singing partner Nubian Li, bodyguard Eddie Mutwe and music producer Dan Magic among others, were rounded up in Kalangala and jailed in Masaka and later locked up at Makindye Military Barracks.

Kyagulanyi sentamu [Bobi Wine] accuses president Museveni for failing his campaign programs, illegal detention as well as curtailing the freedoms of his associates.

The National Unity Platforms [NUP] candidate is one of 10 contenders against president Museveni, who plans to stretch his rule.

President Museveni says his longevity in power is part of the factors leading to the social-economic transformation of Uganda because his rule has brought stability to the country which had been written off as a failed state.