BRIAN MUGENYI: The Tales of Journalism; Memories are like scars but in spheres of life living by writing is owe-inspiring 

One by one; Journalism and memories in life are maginetical.
To live a complete life one must hold natural instinctive of mastering memories whether good or bad depending on the situation, experience and exposure or else a captive level of passion on a given subject and exercising journalism through writing is no exceptional.
Take sport or business and the political beat mostly preferred by every nation.
 It is instinctively in every adult life adreline to like the game or get inspired by a renowned business merchant or loved ones in the political arena and waking up dining with United States of America president Joe Biden or President Museveni to a lay young boy in Masaka Town could be owe inspiring and heroic.
To be true and factual at the tender age of 19, I was early as the morning bad  eagerly roaring to busy up the early work to shoot for a journalism career and the dream to write materialised a two years later; as a fanatic writer at Nation Media Group counterpart The Daily Monitor.
For the fact that I grew up reading opinions and whimsical stories of talented journalists; Daniel Kalinaki whose Stay on your lane column in Daily Monitor I couldn’t miss every Thursday to date I grew yonder to live by a creative world and making an impact in my society regardless of the fist and fate that might suffice.
It is crystal clear that talent development in Africa remains a subject of discussion as heroes are born day and night wielding different dimensions in talents.
The recent output of crafting stories and a one on one interviews with several business personnel and politicians in Uganda’s political agenda subjected your writer to discover more of personal abilities; biographies and talents than chasing a career out of passion and purpose in life.
It took momentary days and long hours of understanding the political ideologies of African leaders and mastering theories of communication and political science ideologies and when I was assigned to profile the former Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga; incredibly it was master piece subject of revision and resilience.
Though a long time Member of Parliament for Nyendo Mukungwe Constituency; Mpuuga is as gifted with knowlege and wisdom as angle Uriel and the working environment and obligations of the latter needed ample time for relevant interview and it’s purpose to the masses.
But since journalism is perceived to my writing pad as blood in a human vessel; It was calmly as conversational as dating a beautiful Prince in the royal family.
The concept of writing is sometimes a bit telling. It is like waking up from early bed and deny yourself from brushing the teeth.
The consequences must be hazardous to personal health; thereby accumulating tooth decay and public harms in returns.
It is a soothing and owe inspiring to write something of a public taste or unique for everyone to memorialize future plans and ambitions and in journalism it is owe inspiring to keep records of purpose for future references.
It is testimonial to remain relevant with requisite information from people of purpose in life especially for the better preparedness of the society and the country as folks of good memories are the mostly consulted individuals.
The informed society is a one that grows with steady progress. It is easier as written and said to plan for the country and it’s population when relevant information is written or kept in a certain data base or data bank.
It is quite unfactual and immoral to despise the knowledgeable society and when one graduates with Post graduate degree honours in journalism or any other university course it not only benefit personal needs but also remains a privilege to the society he or she lives.
The journalism career in Africa has set the pace of growth in the political and educational sector whereby today most of the relevant and influential leaders are writers or communication specialist in a given subject of interest.
When I picked up my scars and shouldered my passion to write and conduct my privileged proffession in journalism; It never hatched dividends and benefits as early as possible at 19 but today the efforts of my works are felt and impactful to society.
It coherently remained a subject of continuity and learning from the best especially the current founder of Watchdog Uganda Website Mike Ssegawa whose daily phone calls and advices couldn’t miss your writer’s lips and reflex and reading and relevant literary works adds spice to mind.
However; not all written stuff is loved or offers an impact to all the society but choosing to remain an impact journo in the society comes with dividends.
The privillage to formulate literally  works in a given written up or periodicals in magazines can be a game changer in every personal life as it opens connection and more opportunities be it in leadership and offering advisory role to the country and it’s population.
The competent writer is loved in the community and the country always gets a privillage to live on the front life of making informed decision when relevant form of research is shared by communicators or researchers for public consumption.
The impact of journalism to the society is as beneficial as a lucky student learning from an informed professor in the faculty of Arts and Social Science at any chartered University
The nine years at the front line of writing compelling articles and poetical stories have come with scars and shouldered on memories of works that have impacted lives in the country.
It is worth sharing from a journalism perspective of viewing and observing issues of subject matter in the society and whenever community needs are shared to higher masses it lives a star of solution and correction.
Living by writing is owe-inspiring as most of the people today prefers to settle their admiration and future aspirations in writing.
It is advisory to build the society through exersing everyone’s gift, passion or talent and together our communities could grow if we exercise efforts from everyone’s capacity.
When a good picture is taken from the murky roads of the community or a masterly piece about poor infrastructures in the society are written and shared to the targeted audience it could be of an impact to the governing bodies such as Ministry of Works and Transport led by Katumba Wamala currently for its refurbishment.
The impact of journalism doesn’t stop in writing stories for daily reads only; I have learnt that a well shared narrative could earn a society development and awaken its awareness.
I own to share that writing being my part of adrenalin has impacted my society and home town by unravelling untold stories and making the covered before discovered for public consumption.
The legacy set in writing could be historical for the youths and adult generation and setting pace for relevant journalism brings light into the society.