Buganda Kingdom and Sokoto Discuss Girl Child Situation In Africa

Buganda Kingdom together with the delegation from the Kingdom of Sokoto of Nigeria, have convened a dialogue to discuss about the future of the girl child in Africa.

The purpose of the dialogue was to ensure that girls together with women have a lighter future. This later calls for improvement in the social services, education standards, protection against torture, girl trafficking, murder, and engagement in issues of the country.

Nnabagereka Sylivia Nagginda, highlighted the importance of carrying out a one-on-one discussion with a girl, as this helps her to gain confidence in whatever she wants to achieve.

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga gave a brief background of Buganda Kingdom, and it’s hard times it went through during a political wave that rocked the country during the Obote regime.

Sokoto delegation are here in Buganda Kingdom to part of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 26th, coronation anniversary celebrations which are going to take place on 31st, of this month.