Buganda Region Football Team has Never Received its Prize Money

However, according to Dan Birikwalira’s official facebook post, he notes that since early October 2018 when they won the trophy, they have never received a single penny from the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA).

“We have never received the money” the post partly read.

“Take it from me, because I am tired of pinning me that I and the chairman (Andy) ate your FUFA Drum money,” Birikwalira partly noted.

“Please, Buganda Province players, we have never received any single penny as some of you say. Please, you are accusing the chairman for nothing,” Birikwalira’s post further reads.

The inaugural FUFA Drum League attracted sixteen (16) provinces, with almost all footballers from the different levels engaging in it.

The second edition was slated to commence in late January this year, but never started, with no reason given.

FUFA drum is intended to take football down to grass root and it involves all regions of Uganda which include Buganda, Eastern, Western, Nothern, Western and Kampala which is capital city of Uganda.