Buliisa Residents on Shores of Lake Albert sleep under Trees

Story by Innocent Atuganyira.

Residents of Kabolwa landing site on Lake Albert in Buliisa district are being forced to taking shelters under trees without mosquito nets due to flooding water which has continued to submerge into their houses.

Besigaki Fred a fisherman at the same landing site says that flooding water which has hit them since last month, has forced them to sleep under trees without mosquito nets and others are still struggling to construct huts in safer areas.

Besigaki also told Buliisa News Room that many of their properties were washed away by flooding water and they barely afford a meal in a day. He also adds that they have never received any relief from the government.

Oryema Dickson a resident also says that since the president banned night fishing, it’s hard for them to survive because they don’t get anything during day fishing.


Oryema also adds that since the district is still under lockdown, this has caused misery since they can’t fish effectively, can’t move and have nowhere to sleep. “We are in pain since we are also Ugandans who deserve to be heard, our MPs and district leaders have not even turned up to help us”, Oryema laments.

Speaking to our reporter this afternoon, the Buliisa Community Development Officer Mr. Barugahara Bernard declined that there is no anyone sleeping under trees.

Mr. Barugahara also explains that some people who were affected by floods moved back to their ancestral homes in DR. Congo, Panyimur and others have constructed huts in the grazing areas and preparing to cultivate crops.

Last month the Butiaba sub county chairperson Mr. Malitabu Jonathan revealed that more than 540 families where displaced by flooding water. In 2019, floods killed one person and more than a thousand families where displaced in Buliisa district as two seasonal rivers burst their banks.

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