BUshenyi; Ruyonza School decries the lack of A-Level textbooks to affect its students’ performance.

Ruyonza School is among the legacy Schools in Bushenyi district due to its establishment in 1960.

Hundreds of powerful people from Bushenyi and Ankole Region have gone through Ruyonza School and are continuing to serve the community with a distinction of quality to date.

The Office of the National Chairman – NRM is on an intense monitoring of schools to ensure that, there is quality public service delivery and more to emphasize President Museveni’s call for not charging extra fees from students in Universal Secondary Schools.

With a population of 712 students, Ruyonza School receives a grant of Ugx 35 million per term which is insufficient to meet the school’s needs according to the Head Teacher Mr. Taratwebire Arthur.

The ONC – coordinator Ms. Peace Kansiime who visited the school yesterday, confirmed the school has 48 teachers with 29 on the government payroll and 19 sponsored by the parents through a manageable contribution that was anonymously resolved by the board.

Despite the amazing performance of the school, Ms. Kansiime said there are constraints brought to her attention by the Headteacher which include; a dilapidated library block, lack of A-level textbooks, and limited computers compared to the student enrollment.

Mr. Taratwebirwe complained of a debt of Ugx 80 million that was caused by the previous administration and it is stressing the school to manage pressures from money lenders.

The Municipal Education Officer Mr. Mugenyi Dan confirmed to be aware of the challenges facing the school and said to have applied to the Ministry of Education and Sports to address the challenge. He added that as the municipality, all they can do is renovate some buildings as they wait for the Ministry’s intervention regarding the construction of new buildings, especially the library.

Unlike the situation in other schools, Ms. Kisakye Margret a parent of the school appreciates the good administration at the school and thanked government for continuously providing the necessary support.

Concerning the levied fees from the Parents, Ms. Margret supported the school’s resolution that it enables the school to recruit enough teachers to provide quality services to their children. She however condemned schools that are misusing this opportunity to determine higher fees which stops some children from attending school due to the failure of the parents to meet the costs.