Business Man Levy Omulen and Wife Celebrates Birthday in Style, Shares Their Development Vision For Pallisa District

Businessman Lawrence Levy Omulen and his wife Zewe Namposia shared their vision for Pallisa as they celebrate Mr Omulen’s birthday with Kadengele Community.

The tradition of celebrating birthdays is a global phenomenon, albeit with unique cultural variations. In many cultures, birthdays are marked by gatherings of friends and family, the giving of gifts, and the consumption of special foods and cakes. While the specific customs may vary, the underlying sentiment remains the same: celebrating the existence of a loved one.

Lawrence Omulen is a prominent businessman born and raised in Kamuge town council, in Pallisa district. He is the Director of New Plan group, an engineering company serving, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenyan markets and also Director of Jacobsen Uganda, a company that built a 50Mw heavy fuel oil thermal plant in Namanve.

Omulen’s love for his community is evident in the resources he channels to the benefit of the community and the catholic church.

The Multi Million Church of St, Damien’s Chapel constructed by the Omulens

This is evident as he constructed a multi-million community church “St.Damian chapel”, flagged by his beautiful wife Zewe Omulen, the couple has improved on the standard of living of people by providing piped water and electricity to almost all homes around the village.

He also grades roads and constantly maintains the community roads. It’s not a surprise therefore that the entire community came together to celebrate a man they love and cherish.

Omulen “city” as is popularly referred to by the locals is located in Kadengele sits on 25 acres, Mr Omulen and his wife Namposia Zewe have massive plans for future projects. The land also houses a multi-million community church built in 2012, football pitch and a farm.

Mr Omulen’s family sponsored the Kadengele Church Choir, a group of multi-talented young men and women who have participated and won many choir competitions across the country. The Choir has been invited to participate in different competitions in Kenya and Tanzania later this year.
Omulen’s family helped the choir build sustainable incomes by supporting through their SACCO.