Business man Lwasa hopeful to Meet President Museveni; The fairly tale journey to erect; re-brand Club Tavern Kick 


Emmanuel Lwaasa is one of the proclaimed businessmen in Uganda dealing in gold and organizing wedding events in Uganda.

He is among the chosen National Resistance Movement cadres (NRM) expected to meet President Museveni on Tuesday in Masaka City towards the inspection of different government projects like Masaka City Market and other infrastructure development.

 Kaweesi is a father, as well as a mentor of many business men and women in the business sector and he has been able to change the face of Masaka City.

Over the years, Lwasa’s dream was to give-out a platform to young talented musicians, to lead Masaka City as the National Resistance Movement chairperson as well the Mayor for Masaka city.

He also anticipate to see artists and their songs played, and to get motivated.

By nature, Lwasa is a busy man; it’s not easy fixing an interview with him. However, your writer and a man of letters bumped into him and shared his life, political frustrations and journey of setting up Club Tarven Kick in Masaka City.

Fully-dressed in a cotton-like white dressing, the soft-spoken chap welcomed your writer at his home in Kampala; Bulenga before riding off to a one Club Tarven Kick.

The journey of his triumphant rise into the business sector opened the door of him into the political journey though he lost the Masaka City Mayorship role to National Unity Platform (NUP) cadre Florence Namayanja.

However, his multi-billion project Club Tarven Kick is a non political spot in Masaka City.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

Born on 25th December 1970 today Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesi I am 53 years old. Locally a business oriented man as well as a hardworking man in all spheres of looking for money, making friends, laughter, celebrations and entertainment.

 I’m also a married man with children yet still I’ve not walked up to any grandchildren.

Talk about your humble beginnings as a young boy in Masaka City back then?

I was born and raised by my late parents Yozefu Kaweesi and
Angella Kiggona who are currently buried at Kyabakuza village in Masaka City.

Many rants that you lacked academic documents that’s why the ruling Party NRM denied you a chance to race for Masaka City Mayorship party ticket against Namayanja is it true?


Top be frank we should let the bygones be bygones. I lost peacefully in the elections and I moved on well with Club Tarven Kick business and other businesses to support my family.

I attended Kyabakuza and Kadongo primary school. Later I moved to
Kawangwa Secondary school in Kenya but I broke off before sitting my
senior four exams to the army. I disregard such with utmost respect. Those that rants that I didn’t went to school should calm down their hard feelings and work closely with me to develop Masaka City businesswise.

Talk about President Museveni’s visit in Masaka City this week; Are you part of it?

I am a born of Masaka City. Most of my businesses and family stays in Masaka. President Museveni hails from Ente clan just like me and How can I miss the father of the Nation. He is our God father in politics; liberator of the Nation and I hope to govern Masaka City as the Mayor under the support of the rulling government National Resistance Movement.

How did you end up in setting up Club Tarven Kick?

It was after a long and fairytale story. In a nutshell, I had to work hard like a Trojan to secure 6.5 billion to wake up to a higher structure in Club Tarven Kick.

 Where did you replicate that plan? It’s a foreign modern artwork!

True. True. It was after the 2008 shopping trip in China where one of my
friends took me in a certain Nightclub far from the centre of Beijing
City. The Club ‘Triple Seven’ was so amazing. It had well-decorated
features on it, inside and outside. And being a haven for relaxation
and attracts hundreds of people there, I also decided to copy and
paste what I saw on it, to build my own Club Tarven kick.

Were you with boosting with enough capital to erect it?

It wasn’t enough by then.  But in business, we are taught to start as small as possible. You don’t need to have loads of money to stand such a structure. It’s the zeal and commitment that will always suffice if you to succeed.

 What initial capital did you invested in?

To be frank, I started with 2billion. From then on, I have been making numerous changes here and there and today I smile over to a 6.5 billion project. It will live on to see my children and grandchildren since it was constructed using modern artwork and materials.

A 6.5 billion capital investment is not a minor thing, how did you collect all that money?

I’m a business man, dealing in transport and importing of goods from
foreign countries. I have made loads of friends, trust and showed prowess of working hard and saving hard. Today my companies; Lwaasa Traders Uganda
Limited, Lwaasa Events Uganda Limited all contributed heavily to its progress.

But it’s not all about money. It’s self-sacrificing that counts majorly.
Of all the businesses, why did you choose to invest in Nightclub business?

I was very philosophic when I was planning to start . I knew that my home town would expand businesswise and today is a City. Cities grow with such structures. I knew from the beginning that  tourists, city socialites,
foreigners and all people of different backgrounds could support me that’s today majority of the people that support me are from out of Masaka City.

Briefly talk about how Club Tarven Kick was built!

It’s a huge building that sits on 140fts piece of land. I remember purchasing this land at shs.264m here in Kyabakuza Trading Centre.

 It was built on an international stand with four hours open
restaurant with living rooms and other refreshments spaces. It also
has first floor, second floor and the dance floor. Each floor has its
own services, although second floor has unique features with a lot of
invincible light bulbs.

Over the years, Masaka City has been boosting with Club Ambience, what makes Tarvern Kick a darling place?

Club Ambience is owned by Mr Kiyimba and earlier this year they felt with a huge blow of fire that gutted the facility and Club Tarvern Kick is owned by Mr Lwasa. The two people are different businesswise but wish each other progress since we’re all doing a similar business.

Ever since you opened it up, how have you managed it?

It has been my hard work and commitment and of course support from the family. However, some of my friends
weren’t happy with the idea. Many pondered that I would’ve invested in other businesses but Club business is all about passion and following the inner person in you, that’s the heart.

So now that Night Clubs kicked off operating, what are your plans for the entertainment industry in Uganda?

I have invested heavily in it before. Loved and worked for its progress and indeed we’re doing many other things. I hope to support more people in line with the Entertainment industry to achieve their dreams since I’ve also been a dream in making.

Why did you choose to brand the Club as Tarven Kick?

I’m a lover literature and I believe in the world of guidance and conselling.  One of my lovely sisters Rose Namanda and my elder son
Edgar also a businessman made efforts to ensure that we brand it as Club Tarven Kick.

Who are those best artists that have ever entertained your clients beyond to your expectations?

I might say, Uganda today is boosted with loads of talents. In particular, Winnie Nwagi, Desire Luzinda and David Lutalo  and Bebe Cool have been our most loved entertainers here.

Away from Club Business, who are those artists that made you love the entertainment industry?

To be frank, I grew up loving Fred Ssebatta. He is one of the talented artists here and his songs move me heavily.

Today, Uganda has loads of female artists, who is your best?

I’m an ardent fan of gospel music. I relish the voice and songs of Judith Babirye. Her music always is a turning point to me especially when businesses aren’t moving on well.

What are your last words to people who would love to visit Club Tarven Kick?

As for clarity, Club Tavern Kick is a home of all and sundry. We’re under renovation and so many changes in services; managerial and other progressive measures.