Buvuma Deputy RDC Mubiru; Hon Milly Babalanda strategy of work is shining

The once not very known woman from Busoga whose political path was humble as an obedient hardworking NRM party mobilizer turned into a National leader at the Kyambongo ONC office.

Among the people identified was this aggressive soft talker from Busoga who was well known in inner and top most circles of the ruling party to handle the very fast and sophiscated briefs from the President so that the office delivered.

She managed his well selected team all over Uganda, assigned them complicated work and many delivered amongst challenges from the new NUP more especially here in Buganda and parts of Busoga.

Surprisingly, being humble and trust pays, Hon Min. Babalanda was assigned one of the most delicate ministry where you directly work with country’s number one. No one believe in the appointment but so far she has kept shining.

We credit Hon Milly Babalanda for having a sweet tooth to the young where she recommended a good percentage of youths in the RDC /DRDC posts country wide.

She gapped the vacuum well with intelligent, assertive, knowledgeable people into this office and so far very minimal or no complaints about them wherever they were deployed.

As RDCs and her office, we are mandated to keenly follow, supervise all government programs effectively and her usual assignments, directives has made Hon Babalanda far a unique figure.

I predict that in the last remaining years we are destined to see the office of the Presidency and RDC being a people centered and solution based offices.

The surprise package of RDCs that Milly appointed is the billionaire or call him money guru of Wacity Motors in Mukono Deputy RDC Buvuma who has made pacification of this Island a priority.

Before Mr Patrick Mubiru aka Wacity went to Buvuma as DRDC, no good news used to be heard from the fishermen.

We knew Buvuma for deforestation, poor fishing methods, prostitution, fights for land, land grabbing and political fights at the district.

DRDC Mubiru Patrick has made it a habit of keeping time in office, listening to all, being a solution based representative, political pacifier and with such well-focused people in such offices, Buvuma is now breathing a fresh aura.

Mr  Mubiru is a big manifestation of a good pick by Hon Milly Babalanda.

Seen committed and people centered RDCs, Mubiru scores high. He is a product of ONC.

Buvuma Deputy RDC never misses meetings, functions and is always available in office however much he was expected to have concentrated more on his business than government work.

Buvuma is now calm and collected.