Buvuma Woman MP Egunyu Nantume Body Guard Shoots NRM Village Chairperson

One person shot in the mouth and died instantly by the bodyguard Martin Beema of Hon. Nantume Janepher Woman Member of Parliament for Buvuma district at Kiziba landing site in Bugaya.

The deceased has been identified as Sadiq Kizito Sabiiti a resident of Buvuma district who had strongly opposed Nantume from addressing residents on the said landing site.

The MP was moving around visiting her electorate in the sub county as she encountered resistance from the dwellers uttering words clearly indicating she was not welcome. 

According to eye witnesses, the MP was first told not to land but she insisted. 

Kizito (the deceased) was not around at that particular moment but when he surfaced and questioned the Nantume of why she only had to come around- asking her to vacate, the bodyguard intercepted, pulled his pistol out, shot in the air when he was at zero distance with Kizito, took a step backward and shot him dead through the mouth according to eye witness.

The body guard quickly went back to their boat and picked the big gun, dispersed people and took rescued Natume away from rowdy crowd. 

According to a friend of the deceased Junior Sande, an eye witness and resident of Kiziba village said he had gone with Kizito to attend a meeting organized by Ms Nantume before he was shot.

According to Mr Sande, the MP’s meeting was not publicized and even local leaders were not aware of her visit. 
He said when Ms Nantume started to address the meeting, residents started heckling and telling her to leave.
Kizito is said to have grabbed megaphone from her prompting her guard to shoot.

“As the meeting started, Kizito rose up and grabbed a megaphone from her and the MP’s body guard who was standing next to her, cocked the gun and shot him,” Sande said 
He said a section of residents in the area have on several occasions accused the MP of betraying them when she supported the December 20, 2017 scrapping of the age limit for presidential candidates from the Constitution and have been waiting for the day to express their displeasure.

Since the amendment of constitution in 2017 Nantume has been facing resistance from a certain section of residents of Buvuma Island district that’s why was given a body guard to encounter such people.