BWANIKA JOSEPH; Embrace Institutional Empowerment to solve most of the Country’s Challenges

It was such a great day on Friday 26th January 2024, as members of National Resistance Movement reminisced their victory day after 38 years.
The celebration held at St John’s Secondary School in Wakitaka in Jinja city.

The theme of the day was “Building a country we all cherish”This is in relation to NRM party manifesto 2021-26.

Surely, building a country we all cherish is such a catchy slogan that ought to rhyme with majority of Ugandans, but apparently are the citizens upbeat with it?
It entails a lot, and in governance, taking stock in the inventory is a must and after all this long?
Executive leaders of NRM party need to examine the structural Part of the country’s institutions ranging from Social, Political and Economic issues.

Ideally, going back to the drawing board is prudent and take stock of the Ten – point program, that was drafted in (1984)40 years back by the High command.
Indeed, this was a published ruling strategy to be a guiding force in governing Uganda.

Now, here we are, citizens of Uganda, Are we having a real impression of the ruling strategy that when looked at, read meditatively, are the fruits visible?

Is the economy functioning well as it had been anticipated by then the NRA vision bearers?

How is democracy? Is our country experiencing zero corruption or other wise?

Equally important, Empowering government institutions, employing qualified personnel, without basing on partisan politics, nepotism is a score in making things right.
Increased Violation of Human rights, Brutal arrests, torture, kidnaps are all minus in building a country we all cherish.

The desire to manage and work on everything affecting the population of over 40 millions masses, without institutional empowerment is likely to take the country back before the formation of Ten – Point program.

Through the years, any lessons learnt from the dissenting voices in political debates are meaningful and can be used to check, balance the governance, without suppression.
More so, the superb guiding principles of the Ten – Point program are still visible and very okay to consult in steering the country we all cherish.

Bwanika Joseph is a Social Development specialist
CEO Bridge Your Mind Center