By Odaka Asuman
Governments, we are told have 3 pillars: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The current Ugandan regime in addition has 3 pillars that sustain it, the absence of any will automatically lead to the collapse of the regime. Part of the reason am not excited of the walk, its actually going to be the most ordinary walk which is only going to worsen the already bad traffic jam on the Kampala streets.
The 3 pillars include;  Deception Violence and Corruption. Each of which with carefully constructed institutions which administer them simoltanously and in appropriate dosage and circumstance in the detailed prescription of the Machiavellian principles.
For deception, the regime has trained very skillful propagandist, conscripted major media houses either into self censorship or (dis) misinformation to the public, shaping and desuading public opinions away from what matters to the country the most. 
For the deviants media, the same strategist mooted the establishment of UCC with the lethal Mutabazi at the top. For the individual journalist who insist on exposing this, the plan is to beat or even shoot some to intimidate the rest.
In regard to violence, this government came through violence, has survived through violence and increased the art and skills of administering it to keep power. Their love to exhibit capability did not stop them from making Uganda the museum of the apartheid policing equipments, tactics and system.
Corruption, for which Dr. Museveni is walking today is the economic spinal cord of the regime and it oils, lubricates, drives and sustains this government, to walk it out,  the government might instead be walked out.
Money which has been stolen by officials in this government since 1986 when it came to power is much more than that which has been put in productive sectors which sustain the majority  Ugandans. 
There is no project, sector department or agency of government including anti corruption agencies which are immune to grand stealing.
To understand the gravity of the problem, Let the Organizers of the ANTI-CORRUPTION WALK 2019 share the budget for organizing the event and the names of the organising team, you will be shocked. 
Corruption is not fought through political posturing like walking, it won’t be fought through political declaration on public functions, its not fought by instituting commissions of inquiries whose reports at best are left to gather dust, it will not be fought on campaign platforms,  its not fought through election manifestos which are not followed.
To fight corruption there must be political will and commitment to end it. its this will and commitments that is absent in this government. 
To show this will and commitment, the head of state doesn’t need to just walk because he wants to be cheered by the rented, bribed and or coerced audience like that am seeing him with. He should tell us who owns what was UCB and all its assets, let him tell us and prosecute those who grabbed government farms such as in Njeru, in UTRO etc. Let him prosecute those who ate the money meant for constructing the double laned northern bypass, let him arrest those who grabbed properties of Uganda railways,let him arrest those who grabbed properties of UBC, let him tell us who own the land where Chimoni school was,  let him arrest those who stole money meant for Isimba dam, let him arrest the person who personalised Entebbe airport and is collecting personal money out of it, let him tell us who are privatising the national hospital which was donated to us by departing colonialist, let him tell us who now own properties of what was National Housing, let him tell us what became of the properties of cooperative societies across the country, let the President tell the country who grabbed the properties of UTC, he should also tell the country who personalised UEB and is fleecing Ugandans in the name of UMEME,  the president should tell the country where what used to be public land is.
The president should tell us why he shielded Temamgalo thieves, GAVI thieves, Pension thieves, the Katosi road thieves, The ID scandals thieves, the valley dam thieves, the L.C  bicycles thieves, the CHOGM thieves, bank of Uganda scandals thieves, the OPM thieves, the land rover scandals, the junk helicopter scandal thievs, the unfitting army scandals thieves, explain to the country the DANZE story in full, the term limit bribery allegation, the age limit bribery allegations to mention but a few.
The president should arrest all his PS in the ministries and other accounting officers, put them to task to explain the sources of all the wealth they own. For insistence PS of any ministry earns less than 3.5 million shilling monthly. How can such official construct multi billion hotels and no question is asked by either the president or appropriate authorities in that respect.
All these and many more happened under the watchful eyes  of Dr. Museveni as president of Uganda. He can’t therefore hoodwink us through walking because after all many Ugandans walk every day on empty stomachs.
How can a President in charge organise a demonstration against a crime which he has power to stamp out by mere will, what doesn’t Dr. museveni have at his disposal, is the law, the power, the support , the time , the will or commitment?
Without answering this, today’s walk is just a celebration of the success of corruption as an intended tool of managing the people of Uganda.
Looking at what I see at the city centre this morning is not a gathering to fight corruption, its a demonstration of mighty over right. 
It looks more like a military rehearsal given the display of weapons of death and their agents behind them. 
Looking at the ordinary Ugandan walking and jeering st the Fina Masanyslaze performance is a display of a demeaning mentality of the organizers over the citizenry.
This government is itself a big inconvenience to Ugandans, therefore, why would the president who wants to end corruption close the biggest and most busy segment of the commercial part of a congested city at the most critical hour of the hustling Ugandan?
In summery, Dr. Museveni is going to walk but will not walk corruption out of his government because if he attempts to fight corruption, he will be fighting the central nerve of his government.Corruption is going to be his walking stick and the corrupt will be cheering but scorning him.
The most most corrupt will walking to Kololo as the victims!s of corruption will walking towards their workplaces,-my prediction
For now I dedicate to you “kasukali keko” by HEBobiWine
The writer is an aspiring MP, Tororo MunicipalityWhatsApp: +256763195384Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.con