Catholic Priest Blackmails Prominent Catholic MP Sebamala

Masaka Diocese Catholic priest Fr Gerald Lwanga has been put on spot over imprudent accusations against a renown Catholic MP, Engineer Richard Sebamala.

The priest, Fr Gerald Lwanga of Masaka Diocese is on spot for engaging in blackmail of Bukoto Central member of Parliament Eng. Sebamala Richard who he accused in a viral video that he stole Ugx5m meant for iron sheets to roof his school’s girls dormitory in Katinyondo, Kyanamukaaka sub county, Masaka District.

It all started when the priest called the Honourable member of parliament for help, saying he needed iron sheets worth ugx12m but only had ugx5m for deposit and a promise to pay the balance in a week. Hon. Sebamala Richard then found a hardware that could help the priest as he mobilized the ugx7m but the priest failed to deliver the balance. The Priest then contacted Hon. minister Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, a presumed Hon. Sebamala’s 2026 rival, who offered the 7m provided the priest would blackmail Sebamala on camera. The Hon. minister on accepting the request resulted in the priest requesting Sebamala for a refund of the 5m. Since the Hardware could not refund, Hon. Sebamala raised the 5m and sent it to Fr. Gerald Lwanga on 27/04/2023.

On the fateful day of 29/04/2023, the minister arrived at the school to deliver the 7m with media presence that included Frank Wekumbule a freelancer journalist that Fr. Gerald Lwanga pins for having filmed the viral video.

However on 27/04/2023, at 18:02:32, Sebamala sent Ugx5 million on Gerald Lwanga’s personal number. This he admits in a WhatsApp chat with Engineer Sebamala seen by this website. Nevertheless, it has emerged that Fr Gerald Lwanga is engaged in politicking in favor of Sebamala’s opponent, who plans to unsit him from Bukoto Central in 2026 general elections.

In a video Watchdog Uganda has seen, Fr Gerald Lwanga popularly known as Fr Gerry, accused Engineer Sebamala of taking shs5 million from the school that he parades as a community project to donors promising to top it up, to buy them iron sheet for roofing the school but had neither seen the ironsheets nor refunded the money. The priest painted Sebamala as dishonest, despite the fact that he trusted him with the money. The website has also learnt that Ugx1.5m of the said Ugx5m had been a contribution from the Hon. MP when he visited the school in December last year.

It has since emerged that the Catholic priest made utterances under political influence meant to blackmail Sebamala whose opponent, had instead donated the iron sheets and wanted to recall the money.

Screenshots of a conversation between Sebamala and Fr Gerry, this website has seen, show that the priest filmed the video knowingly and told Sebamala he requested Frank Wekumbule not to air out the video.

It also emerged that the priest knew the bloggers who were circulating the video because he confessed  to having them withdraw the video from the public.

The WhatsApp chat clearly indicating regret from the priest is proof that Fr Gerry didn’t observe prudence in his attack on the sitting MP for Bukoto Central.

We expect men of God to have humility and patience especially during trying moments like this. A month of wait for a refund couldn’t hurt.