Chief Justice Bart Katureebe Flies To South Africa for Eye Surgery

Uganda’s Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe has gone to South Africa for cataract surgery. The CJ flew out of the country on Monday around 2:30pm aboard Fly Emirates. 

Last week, the chief Justice apologized to the country and petitioners for the delay in delivering of the age limit ruling, claiming to have been sick. It was during the same hearing that he revealed the plans to fly to South Africa for eye surgery. 

Justice Katureebe was in company of his wife Bernadette Katureebe and personal assistant, Aloysius Natwijuka who will be attending to him after the surgery.
The cataract procedure involves the removal of the eye lens and replacing it with an artificial one.

His office says the CJ should be back in the country on May 17th, 2019 if the operation goes well.

During the reading of his judgment in Supreme Court on consolidated Age Limit Appeals challenging the Constitutional Court Amend number 2 Act of 2017 the Chief Justice Katureebe failed to read it and another judge read it on his behalf.

Katureebe told court that he had health issues mostly to do with his eyes. 
He later delegated Justice Eldard Mwanguhya to read his judgment, which led to the dismissal of the appeals.

Last month, Justice Katureebe spent three weeks in South Africa for another operation on his left arm.