DAVIS. K.LUKYAMUZI; Opposition leadership unconsciously endorses NRM’s Dominance

You have heard opposition leadership fight among themselves, dropping Gen Salleh and other names . This is to me, a fight against imaginary enemies.

One underlying message that can be gleaned from the ongoing accusations between opposing factions within the political opposition is the deep-seated realisation among its members in the invincibility of NRM. This belief is reflected in the frequent accusations of individuals “selling out” to NRM whenever they make proposals that go against the views of the popular leader of the time. The fact that such accusations exist indicates an underlying fear of NRM’s superior strength and dominance over their party and leaders.

It is interesting to note that one never hears of individuals within NRM being accused of “selling-out” to the opposition, as the opposition is not considered a meaningful threat to the ruling party. Moreover, it is noteworthy that those who are accused of selling out are often the most capable and respected figures within the ranks of the opposition. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, for example, has faced multiple accusations and subsequent clearances, only to be accused again at a later time. This pattern also applies to other prominent opposition figures, such as Nandala , Mafabi, Oboi, and now Hon. Mathias Mbuga. Recently, an array of other opposition politicians and activists, including Winnie Kiiza, Hon Nambooze, Lord Mayor Elias Lukwango and activist Dr. Miria Matembe have also been targeted with similar accusations.
To me, these accusations reveal a deep-rooted recognition of NRM’s unwavering power and strength. The opposition perceives any significant challenges they face as a direct result of M7’s overwhelming political influence. The brand of NRM carries such weight that even our political adversaries subconsciously admit to its formidable sway.

As a supporter of NRM, I can not help but delight in observing the opposition’s continuous accusations against their own leaders and their implicit acknowledgement of our party’s enduring dominance.

It’s difficult to understand just how any sane human being can still have faith in Uganda’s opposition politics, especially with its current crop of unserious leaders who have turned to be global tourists enjoying their funders money at the expense of the innocent support from their blind followers.
Uganda deserves better and we already have the best – Mzee toova ku main.

Lukyamuzi Davies
ONC District coordinator -Mukono