Democratic Party of Uganda Wars Deepen as Nobert Mao Issues Executive Order

The divide within the Democratic Party could continue to worsen further as the President General Norbert Mao issues an executive order restraining the party’s National Organizing Secretary from issuing registration forms.

In a letter dated February, 9th 2020 addressed to all NEC members, Mao has called for an extra NEC meeting to be held mid this month. Legal minds within the party say the president has no powers over the registration and calling extraordinary NEC meeting

Amidst negotiations which started last week to relieve tension in the troubled Democratic Party some party members still believe no meaningful solution to the bickering will be reached if the party President Norbert Mao doesn’t desist from abusive language and demeaning actions.

Some DP supporters have decided to write their views on various platforms like

Kasekende Ronald 

Generational leader Youth councilor

Dear fellow Democrats,

as am here taking my red  wine not because am happy but to try to cover up the shame in my eyes as I see our mighty party DP being turned into its grave by individuals who hijacked it without true Democratic ways as known in our party constitution but by using ghost delegates from Arua park.


On this note allow me to ask you that what else do you need to understand that individuals like him Mbidde work for the regime besides disorganizing Jinja (Busoga region), Supporting minister Kasolo in Kyotera, supporting minister Nakiwala Kiyingi in Bukomansimbi, Tabling with NRM political brokers and mafias like HB Matovu in Bukomansimbi, being called by the president “a good DP” publicly in Masindi, being the most favorite NRM MPs candidate in the recent EALA elections, being the attorney general of the government backed up Kamuswaga against Buganda, among others if we have decided to leave out all his old bad acts like; recording UYD secret meetings with government agencies’ devices etc.

These guys to accomplish their mission to destroy DP completely from Uganda they decided to lock up all capable leaders from being with them into leadership and the few like him Nambooze who had got a chance were severely beaten and made paralyzed by police on orders of hon Mbidde through minister Kasolo.

These guys have decided to disorganize all the few constituencies DP had won previously to give them back to NRM as you see they’re doing in Mukono, Masaka, Kalungu, Wakiso, etc instead of adding on more DP MPs they only want to reduce as  Dr Siranda said on CBS that they rather be with only one MP than having all these current MPs!! Do you remember the biblical story of the two prostitutes who had a child-conflict?! The fake mother seconded the proposal to kill and cut the child into two parts!!!

Fellow Democrats do you remember books like King Lear who was more sinned against than he had sinned?! In my opinion all of us have sinned by not taking m7 out of power for all these years but these individuals have more sinned against us by helping him to take over more and more years. By the way do you remember him saying he is to reach 2021 when no more opposition?! He was sure people like Mbidde are doing their missions perfectly.

Anyway the objective of this letter is to call upon all those that still want to fight and live in a free country to wake up and we refuse Mbidde and his fellows to attend our functions either egyesanyu (feasts) or egyenaku (funerals) we must keep them out of our societies which we Baganda called “okubola” Tubabole such that we teach even those expecting to make themselves enemies of the people if we’re to wear the crowns “okwambala engule” as Bobi Wine stated. 

Let me hope all Democrats and members of the opposition in Uganda are to act accordingly.

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