Disunity is costing us as NRM in institutions; ONC Ankole Subregion Coordinator tells student leaders

Ms Neema Diana the Office of the National Chairman Institutions Coordinator for  Ankole Sub-region met with NRM chapter student leaders from ten institutions in the Sub-region.

The institutions are nursery beds for future leaders in all political parties in Uganda.

The National Resistance Movement being the ruling party, sources able young leaders from institutions of higher learning who later turn into prominent voters and leaders at various positions in the party and country.

During the meeting at Pelikan Hotel in Mbarara City, the student NRM chapter leaders discussed several issues among which was the process of identifying strong candidates to win institutional elections.

They also discussed a work plan on how to keep the chapters active throughout the academic period to recruit more numbers and intensify the NRM ideology. Ms Diana informed the meeting that, they implemented the advice of the SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo (Head ONC) when she visited them recently.

They formed Mbarara City Youth Empowerment SACCO under which they are saving and lobbying for financial resources for purposes of Wealth and Job Creation.

Ms Neema expressed her interest in recruiting students to the NRM chapters as it is the only assured way to grow the party numbers in the long run. She added that the NRM party is at a time when it needs innovation and creativity from the young elites to strengthen its support from the masses.

“Hajjat Namyalo gave us a platform under the Office of the National Chairman  and she expects results from us as regards widening the Bazzukulu base in institutions” She explained.

The student leaders expressed their concern about the gap between the party secretariat and chapters and asked the ONC Boss to inform the President to channel their funds under the ONC to enable uplift their activities.

They also called out for the ideology orientation of students in the institutions to address the challenge of ideology bankruptcy, adding that this will reduce the growth of opposition candidates in the institutions mainly the Universities.

On the SACCO, they requested the Manager ONC to enable them to start up projects in institutions through empowerment with capital items such as sewing machines, bricklaying etc. for income generation. This will allow them to learn new skills while practising business to generate income for saving.