Don’t listen to the opposition, work hard for Development, ONC Chief urged women

The head of office of the National Chairman (NRM) Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo has urged women not to listen to the opposition if they are to benefit from the Government programs.

She says the opposition members always insult every program that the government brings to retrieve people out of poverty for no good reason.

“I kindly request you not to listen to these people who are the enemies of development, go ahead and do your own things, when the money comes for example Emyoga, PDM and other programs use it,” Namyalo said on Friday.

She was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Annual General meeting of the Mukono North Constituency entrepreneurs Sacco, held at the Nama sub county Headquarters in Mukono District.

Earlier, the chairperson of the association Rosemary Nakayenze told the ONC chief that they have more than 500 members and most of them are farmers, herders and small scale entrepreneurs.

She said they are trying to get involved in all government programs and most of the money they spend came from the government’s slowdown and they are still running smoothly.

“We call upon the President to help us strengthen our coffers such a that we also involve more members to benefit from the Sacco.

We are very grateful for your visit today as NRM supporters and we pledge to support President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 2026” Nakayenze said.

In response, Namyalo promised to continue lobbying for the Sacco and advised members to start up projects like poultry or Rabbit keeping and injected in 3 millions in the sacco

The leaders and residents later agreed to endorse President Museveni to come back as a sole candidate for NRM Political Party in 2026 General elections

The ceremony was attended by various politicians in Mukono, especially those who held NRM cards