Early Child Marriage and its Possible Effects

A person below 18yrs is considered a child according to Ugandan constitution, according to the American English dictionary a child is seen as ” A person who is below the age of adulthood; a minor gloss person who is below the legal age of responsibility or accountability”.

It’s absurd that in Uganda today child marriage is a big issue, parents, relatives and guardians still patronize child marriage because of the following reasons:

1) Un-expected pregnancy: it is obvious that when a child gets pregnant, the guardians tend to force the child into marriage.

2) Extreme poverty and inability to take care of the child:

The inability of parents to provide basic needs has led alot of guardians to force children into marriage.

3) Desire for wealth: most guardians desire to acquire wealth from dowry and also seek favor from suitors of the child.

4) Protection of family honor: this happens to protect family image in cases of un expected pregnancy and others

  1. Religious practice and belief: though some religions kick against early marriage but there are still religions that acknowledge it, for this reason they tend to promote child marriage etc.

Despite international agreements and national laws, marriage of girls below 18 years is common worldwide and affects

millions. Child marriage is a violation of human rights that prevents girls from obtaining education, enjoying optimal health, bonding with others of their own age, maturing, and ultimately choosing their own life partners.

To parent and relatives out there, I believes that early / child marriage isn’t a solution.

We can still do more and protect the future of these young girls for instance in case of unexpected pregnancy, a child can give birth and still go back to school, don’t let 9months of pregnancy ruin out the future of your child.

I urge all parents/ guardians to love their children,

love creates trust bond between parents and children hence making sex education topic easier for both parties.

It is important for one to make his or her decision on who to marry and not to marry, as marriage is supposed to be a life time commitment however forcing a child into marriage is denying the child a chance to make such decision by her self


  1. Psychological trauma as a result of forced marriage at atender age
  2. Deprives a child of their fundamental rights to health, education and emotional safety.
  3. They are neither physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers hence more risks of experiencing domestic violence
  4. They are more likely to contract HIV and other STDs because of limited knowledge
  5. It create a limited possibility for girls and women to partake in growth, stability and transformation of their nations


  1. Orientation of parent and community sensitization.
  2. Enact laws and enforce law against early child marriage.
  3. Create access to free education for girl child.
  4. Create means of economic support to children and families
  5. Skill acquisition and training for children

#stop child marriages

#it starts with you

By Nabulya Winnie🇺🇬



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