Effects of Rising Waters of Lake Victoria on Residents of Kisitu Island in Mukono

Rising waters of Lake Victoria displaced over 200 people from Island of Kisitu found in Mukono district which left several of them without shelter.

When water levels increased residents managed to flee to main land in a forest reserve near Katosi landing where they managed to construct temporary shelter.

Which was an Island with houses, crops, playground and grave yard is now covered with water and all residents escaped to main land in order to save their lives.


This community which mostly survives on fishing says that their main challenge now is lack of clean water, latrine and mosquito nets which can protect them from mosquitoes.

Mukono district managed to give them food hand outs which included posho and beans in order to save them from starvation.

While addressing them Mukono district chairman Andrew Ssenyonga informed them that the government is looking for alternative land in which they can settle peaceful.

He informed them that currently government is evicting everyone who has settled below 200 meters from shores of Lake Victoria so as to save it from degrading it.

Ssenyonga promised to construct for them a pit latrine so that they may stop easing themselves in anywhere which may be dangerous to their lives.

Some of other lake shores in Mukono district which have been affected greatly by rising waters of Lake Victoria is Katosi landing site which has washed away the biggest part of fish market.

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