Former NRM MP aspirants across Uganda to gather, plan how to avoid Mistakes in the coming NRM Elections

Rt. Lieutenant  Moses Mugisha Magufuri the National Chief Coordinator of Transformer Cadres Association’(TCAU) is to summon all former NRM MP aspirants across Uganda to see how they are going to handle the election mistakes done in 2020 NRM Elections.

Magufuri a former MP aspirant of Ntungamo Municipality( 2020).

Sources told this website that this Group is having a leadership vacuum at their political organization and are running out of time to compete in the next elections.

The source said Afande Magufuri and the TCAU leadership are very disturbed by the  vacuum that was caused by the resignation of TCAU chairman and his inactive  secretary and legal department.

The source said Magufuri will summon over 700 members spread country wide so that the members can decide the future of their organization.

What were their objectives of TCAU?

The main objective of the organization was and is to create a platform where members can share ideas on how to equip themselves financially and to enforce electoral reforms within the NRM party in their primary elections.

The second objective was and is  to foster social and economic collaboration and partnership of the members to help them to heal from economic and legal challenges and wounds that they suffered as a result of the poorly organised elections which  members are facing now. The members lost in the primaries of NRM of 2020.

It is emphasized that they lost in the primaries because of wrong policies and systems administered by the NRM secretariat.

Some of the members were expected to get contracts in government and others to be deployed with jobs so that they can financially heal which has not happened.

According to some top member of TCAU , the NRM primaries were poorly conducted and with alleged massive rigging which caused his members (TCAU) to lose elections causing a hopping number of independent MPs in the present Ugandan Parliament.

It is actually said that around 1400 aspirants lost in the last NRM primaries and which was mainly caused by poor electoral management and policies, according to a TCAU top official.

The official said although most Independent MPs are NRM leaning they came about as a result of organizing a sham NRM primary elections.

“Some of our members are still economically crashed, we put together a SACCO which could have helped them.

We also feel that the electoral reforms we proposed to be effected by the NRM secretariat and the National Electoral Commission have not been effected” he said.

A source said they were shocked to learn that Minister Tom Butime while wining his Primary elections in the NRM party elections had one cell that had a population of 20,000 voters which is practically impossible and that it was an outright expression of rigging which can cause problems to the country through division-ism and disgruntlement.

The problems of Mwenge central(Butime’s constituency)  was so grave in that it attracted the intervention of President Museveni.  Also Kazo district where Hon Jenipher Muhesi contested also had serious problems which attracted President Museveni to intervene to mention but a few. Muhesi was then strongly supported by the late General Tumwine.

” You saw how the President Museveni was recently disturbed by the Bukedea LC5 by -election, he had to deploy special solders to stop the electoral malpractices. The issue of rigging votes cannot be overemphasized” a  TCAU founder member said.