Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Fields Strong Candiadtes in Mukono for Parliamentary Race

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) managed to field candidates in Mukono district in all cosntituencies that make up this district.

On the position of Mukono district woman member of Parliament FDC managed to field Nassimbwa Nancy Yiga who will compete with other political parties and independents in coming general elections 2021. Nassimbwa may have an advantage from other political parties who have flag bearers and independents competing on the same position.

For Mukono South FDC managed to field Bisaso James who will compete with other political parties to represent this area in Parliament during 2021 general elections. The challenge Bisaso may face is to convince voters in this area which is still believed to be a strong hold of NRM.

For Mukono municipality FDC managed to field Mbogo Dunstani Eddie to represent this area in coming parliament after 2021 general elections. Mbogo has a big task to convince voters of this municipality because his party of FDC is not popular in this area even it has no single local council chairperson not even a councilor at any level of leadership.

For Mukono North FDC managed to field Bakubi Lukubira Moses who who will battle it out with minister Kibuule Ronald and other political parties. Lukubira his biggest challenge will start from his family members whose father belongs to Democratic Party (DP) his sister is contesting on NRM ticket to become woman member of parliament so some people see it as a politically divided family.

But Lukubira during his nomination said that he can not compaign for his sister who is on NRM ticket and vowed to compaign for an FDC candidate.

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