Government Fails to Trace Four Positive COVID-19 People in Mukono

Four people tested positive of Coronavirus in Mukono but have not yet been tracked down since they gave wrong contacts.

The four people who tested positive in Mukono, two are residents of Seeta town, one from Mukono town and one from Katosi landing site.

The District Health Officer Dr. Steven Mulindwa says people are still meeting in large numbers without observing social distance or wearing masks.


There has been community testing however, those who have tested positive gave wrong contacts to health officers which has made tracking them down difficult.

“I suggest that in future the NIN numbers, passport pictures are taken to ease the process of tracking down the patient’s.” says Mulindwa

The Mukono District Task Force team led by the Residential District Commissioner-RDC Fred Bamwine has resolved to shut down all businesses in Mukono Municipality that are not adhering to the President’s directives and Ministry of Health guidelines.

In a meeting held on Monday, August 24, at the Mukono district offices, the task force discussed how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after the district has registered 4 cases.

Bamwine says people have a poor attitude towards coronavirus where they are consoling each other that there is no COVID-19 hence have continued to flaunt the guidelines.

Bamwine says: “Businesses like supermarkets, banks, food markets, water wells, taxi parks among others that are not observing the Ministry of Health guidelines are going to be closed effective immediately.”

The Mukono LCV Chairperson Andrew Ssenyonga also notes that people have familiarized Covid 19.

“When you go into the market, people have no masks, there are no temperature guns to check customers at the entrance. I think there should be a geographical lockdown in areas where there are cases reported.” He says

It should be noted that Mukono registered her first case in May. The current hot spots are Mukono Municipality, central division, Goma division, Katosi, Nakifuma, Namataba.

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