Government takes over Ssebulime Case of Murder against Minister Idah Nantaba

Mukono Grade I magistrate Tadeo Muinda has judged between the Sebulime’s family & the government of the two who should act as the complainant in the case filed against Hon. Idah Erios Nantaba.

Monday this week Jonathan Muwaganya the head of public prosecutor at Mukono court revealed that he received orders from Mike Chibita his boss saying that this is a capital offence, therefore, it can not be handled by private lawyer but instead by the state.

Though there is still a struggle between the late Ssebulime’s family legal team comprised of Nkunyinigi Muwada and Muwaganya the state prosecutor in Mukono court.

Muinda the magistrate agreed with the public prosecutor so that the state may be in charge of this case.

Muwada the counsel vowed to write to William Byarugaba government Attorney General elaborating to him that they have all the required evidence and all it takes to carry forward this case.

The complainants vowed to charge the attorney general in court for redress of Shs 9 billion, in the same way, they to charge the IGP in court if he doesn’t produce the items that were found in possession of the deceased.

The case was adjourned up to 30 August; in this context, Muwada argued that the accused must appear in court to face the justice.