Government to remove Taxes on Gas according Minister Ronald Kibuule

Mukono- The State Minister for Water Hon Ronald Kibuule has said that government is going to exempt gas producers from paying taxes as a way to curb environmental degradation.
He said: “Uganda through urbanization is facing a big threat by using charcoal because everyone has to eat and they don’t mind cutting down trees for charcoal and firewood.”
“As government we plan to make gas tax free so as to make it cheaper for you to use gas.” He added
“We also recommend the use of biogas and husks, this will increase the use of other sources of energy instead of firewood.” He said
He said that the Uganda has a deficit of 40million trees which is dangerous to the economy and life during the planting of trees at Mukono District headquarters in the walk from Mabiira forest to River Rwizi walk.

He appealed to the public to plant fruit yielding trees instead of wood yielding trees.
“Plant fruit yielding trees because everyone will fight to protect it as they benefit from the fruits but wood yielding trees no one will protect them as they are only for wood.” He said
He noted that he will fight to ensure that the Namanve give away land is not sold out to investors.
He also encouraged investors to invest in tree planting 
The LCV Chairperson Mr. Andrew Ssenyonga applauded the government on the initiative of restoring the environment.
He said that it people are destroying the forests and wetlands not knowing this will affect them in future.
Mr. Ssenyonga also noted that investors are the main causes of environmental degradation.
“Most investors want to establish their factories in the wetland which leads to flooding of the environment.” He said
He then urged that investors should place factories in wetland free areas.
The Commissioner Water and Resources Ministry of Water and Environment Dr. Kalisi Tindi Mugaya said that the government is going to take back all land in wet lands.
“All those with land titles in wetlands, the government is going to take that land because it belongs to the government.” He said

Story By:Elizabeth Namajja