Grabbing Church Land will Bring Curse on You, Bishop Ssebagala

The Bishop of Mukono Diocese Rt. Rev. James William  Ssebagala questioned those who are grabbing land especially Church land, those carrying out robbery and murder to stop it.

He said: “Grabbing Church land will bring you curses and to your family.”

As Mukono diocese it has a big chunk of land in four districts which make up this diocese that’s Mukono, Kayunga, Buikwe and Buvuma but its struggling with land grabbers.

While delivering his Easter message Ssebagala asked land grabbers of church and to stop it saying that it’s an act of evil which is most likely to bring curse to them.

In August 2016 Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and 38 bishops of Church of Uganda survived lynching at Ntawo village found in Mukono when they had gone to check on church land on which residents settled on illegally

on Left Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and on your right former RDC of Mukono David Matovu after rescuing bishops from mob in 2016

As Christians prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Ssebagala urged Christians to mend their relationships with others.

Bishop Ssebaggala made the remarks during a press conference at the Mukono Diocese offices found in Mukono municipality.

He said: “We should mend our broken relationships with our neighbors and within families because Christ died to mend the relationship between man and God.”

“It is my prayer as a nation that we reconcile with our neighboring countries to avoid problems,” he added.

He also congratulated Ugandans upon reaching this year’s Easter.

He said that the love of God towards man is what brought Jesus to this world.

Therefore as a believer, going through various challenges, he said, that you need to know that they are temporary because this was demonstrated by Christ on Good Friday and He rose again on Easter Sunday.

Church of Uganda dedicated this year to children. He, therefore, asked elders to be a voice for them since they are voiceless in society and also to be their role models because children imitate what they see.

“Take them to school, teach them to be hardworking instead of them resorting to betting since it is a very big problem in our country, ” he said, adding: “As a diocese, we have introduced scouting and girl guides as a way to equip students and pupils in schools to be hardworking.”

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