Hajjat Hadijja Namyalo Uzeiye: President Museveni’s legacy will forever live in our lives today, tomorrow and in the future

As it’s always said that in Uganda “Basima Ogenze” we the Bazukulu under the Office of the National Chairman NRM will still say no to this saying and we are always privileged to support and appreciate the legacy of the historical and living testimony of a complete patriotic statesman to have ever lived.

Citing Uganda before 1986 NRA takes over and Uganda since that year you realize that President Museveni is a hero no nation will stand to lose. The previous generation was based on tribal, sectarian, civil wars, and colonial interventions in whatever Uganda wanted to do, Uganda had less say in any vital decision.

Our country was always at the stake of wars, any person who felt not okay could organize a coup for the emergency of people like Gen Iddi Amin, Tito Okello, Lakwena, Joseph Kony, and others who were rebels with no cause. The level of insecurity was at its peak. Killings, theft, rape, and another form of torture were no news.

People were poor and had nothing to do because the rich were growing richer and the poor were like slaves in fact for one to accumulate wealth was to be a son or daughter to someone. For one to be educated was supposed to also belong to either a chief or to be an ally to the colonialists, you could count on schools at your fingertips because they were few.

When the above became in excess the son of Kaguta who had a dream for this country saw that it was excess and thought of another plan to save Ugandans from this bondage of oppression. He planned for a rebellion with only 27 guns and for one to do this needs bravery and focus, these people endured a lot.

They abandoned their families, and some people close to them were tortured and killed but they never lost focus. Wherever President Museveni narrates these stories you realize what they went through.
But what was their interest and have they achieved it? This remains a question to us and at the same time if they are gone how are we supposed to keep going?

Uganda today is more peaceful than ever, President Museveni’s takeover was, therefore, a moment of great hope. Blood had been shed, lives lost, educations sacrificed, careers abandoned, families left behind, and properties destroyed; all in the hope of building a free, democratic, and prosperous country. This mood of optimism was reflected in Museveni’s promise that NRM’s takeover was “not a mere change of guard but a fundamental change in the politics of our country.” Looking at how much many elite Ugandans have grown despondent with his rule, it is easy to conclude that the revolution has been betrayed. Indeed, many of Museveni’s contemporaries have since quit the NRM and written stinging criticism of the president. This is because of the few people who are close to him for personal gains and have never understood his visions.

JAJJA’s love for Ugandans and our motherland Africa is exceptional and it’s one reason the Bazukulu have decided to stand up and speak, protect, and help JAJJA to keep planning for the Uganda we want. No one will distract from Jajja’s plans for our nation as long as the Bazukulu are here.

Another president Museveni’s greatest achievement has been to initiate economic growth and to sustain it over 34 years. Uganda’s economy has grown at an annual average rate of nearly 9% during his presidency, making it among the best-performing economies in the world. GDP has expanded from under US$4 billion (after correcting for distortions engendered by the official exchange rate that existed in 1986 and then adjusting this to inflation) to US$34 billion today. That is a performance few nations across time and space have registered over such a long period. He always initiates poverty eradication programs like UWEP, BONA BAGAGAWALE, EMYOOGA, OWC, and the current Parish Development Model (PDM) which is the Last mile strategy and gateway to middle-income status.

With the above few of the many achievements, we the Bazukulu under the office of the national chairman can’t stand to lose a leader of President Museveni’s caliber and a time we need him most and as our JAJJA we know how stressed he is because of the too many disappointments from those he trusts at times. We are here to fight for his legacy and also to ensure that as long as he is capable and healthy enough should continue leading Uganda beyond 2026.