Hajji Kakande implores RDCs to Promote Government programs for Positive results in the 2026 Elections

The Secretary- Office of the President, Hajji Yunus Kakande has appealed to the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) and their Deputies to popularise government programs to ensure that the ruling party-National Resistance Movement (NRM) achieves positive results, come 2026 general elections.

To achieve this, Hajji Kakande encouraged the RDCs/RCCs to work as a team to monitor and sensitize the masses to embrace the poverty alleviation programs such as the Parish Development Model (PDM) and ensure their success across Uganda.

The Secretary-Office of the President made the remarks today while delivering his remarks during the opening of a three-day capacity-building workshop for RDCs/RCCs, deputies, RISO and DISOs from Greater Bugisu Sub-region held at Wash and Wills Hotel, Mbale City.

“The success of PDM is going to be a key indicator as far as the government and President Yoweri Museveni are concerned. ISO, you already have information, especially on PDM, Please share that information with the RDCs including the Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and the LC5 chairpersons
So that this program succeeds and show people in 2026 that this program has done something to alleviate poverty,” Hajji Kakande said.

“Emulate President Museveni who has embraced everyone, even those in the opposition. So who are you not to embrace others whom you can work together to implement what you are supposed to implement as leaders? You should also continue working as a team even with police to make sure you stamp out those people who are mishandling government funds. There’s a need to sustain and keep what we have now. We have industries and other developments. We have achieved a lot under President Museveni’s leadership but some people in Uganda don’t appreciate it,” he added.

Hajji Kakande also urged the commissioners to promote unity among the people in the subregion, ensure that they live in harmony, and work towards the development of the country.

“Make sure that you unite our communities so that they stay in harmony. We have different ethnic groups but live in the same environment. It’s you, the leaders who should help them. The elite are the ones who bring confusion among our people for their benefit so leaders work on that and make sure that those differences within our community are not there.”

Hajji Kakande further informed the RDCs that it was also their role to ensure that the environment is conserved to sway the adverse effects of climate change.

“We must make sure that we sensitize our people not to encroach, destroy the environment that leads to climate change. Don’t arrest them but talk to them well that the bad seed they are sowing now, will affect the environment in the future,” he said.

He on the other hand advised the commissioners to ensure security in their areas of jurisdiction, explaining that the system is the bedrock of Uganda’s socio-economic transformation.

“You must monitor the security situation of your areas at all times and ensure peace and security are maintained.”

The Assistant Commissioner In charge of Finance and Planning- Office of the President, Mr. Sadat Kisuyi informed the Commissioners that government institutions as service providers have a legal and moral responsibility to deliver excellent services to the public.

He however expounded that efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery are key in enabling the public service to keep pace with citizens’ growing demands for accessible, adequate, high-quality, timely, and cost-effective public service.

Mr. Kisuyi said the onus was upon them to ensure that they fulfill their oversight and monitoring role to help the government ensure that it keeps pace with citizens’ needs and changing times.

“It is the delivery of smarter, faster services and at a lesser cost that determines the quality of life of the people. To this effect, several oversight initiatives have been implemented over time aimed at improving the capacity and performance of the public service,” Mr. Kisuyi who presented a paper on Monitoring and Evaluation, said.

The Chancellor/Secretary Presidential Awards Committee, Hajjat Zaminah Malole tipped the RDCs on their role in the National Honours, Decorations, and Awards.

She said they must recognize outstanding, meaningful, and significant contributions to national development worthy of honors by H.E. the President.

“You should use the nomination forms to recommend and nominate persons deserving of recognition and honor. You are also supposed to be ambassadors of excellence and honor through exemplary leadership,” Hajjat Malole said.

“You should encourage and inspire Ugandans to aspire for excellence and sensitize the public on the importance of national honors and awards criteria for identification of deserving Ugandans to be honored by H.E the President.”

The Head of the RDC Secretariat, Maj. Martha Asiimwe said the Regional Capacity Building Workshops for RDCs/RCCs, deputies, and DISOs are meant to remind the commissioners and DISOs of their core mandate of supervision, monitoring, mobilization, and effective representation of the Central Government and H.E the President.

She further noted that they are also intended to equip the participants with more appropriate skills and tools to enhance their operation in their respective districts and cities.

“The workshops are also aimed at refocusing the commissioners and DISOs to critical and prioritized government programs and projects where they should lead to achieving set objectives and ultimate goals,” said Maj. Asiimwe, who is also the focal point person for PDM and Emyooga programs.

“The workshops also help the commissioners to share with their supervisors the challenges affecting their operations in the field,” she added.

The workshop was also attended by Officials from the Office of the President, Presidential Advisors, and Commissioners from the RDC Secretariat.