How to find your dream job with your father’s help

Are you a graduate looking for jobs? There is this old guy who is recruiting. Am sure he can give you a high paying job, the job that has been in your dream for years.

Before we go into this job thing, let me first tell you what employers want and the reason why you have still failed to get employed. These things are easy gwe, I can tell you!

When I first met this man some old old old years ago, he had young children whom he got from this Mugandan daughter. Now the kids have graduated with good university achievements. He used the money he got from his small business to fund their education. Although he is not a highly educated old man, he has been able to lead his business to where it is now.

His dream was that, one day, after his children had graduated and become experts with professional skills, they may be humble enough to help him build this business using the skills they acquired acquired from university. He still dreams of turning this business into a big brand like that of… You know this big brands that everyone is talking about.

Unfortunately non of his children is willing to work with him.

The children are struggling in the city to find highly paying jobs. The jobs they call their dream jobs. And his girls, alas! They are busy shallowing boneless sausages from the sons of ancestors from the other side of the river. I hear those boys have one strong big leg that can drive the old man’s daughters to heaven and back.

Anyway, the girls are not swallowing the boys to fill their stomachs. They are doing this for money. I hear the boys from that side of the river not only have a strong leg but also plenty of money.

Last time the old man was telling me how one of his daughters went to the desert world such that she can also eat those Allah’s boys to get herself money.

But you…! Why don’t you let me get back to my point? I am here to tell you about the jobs and not this thing Mr. Museveni calls something something.

That’s the reason why the old man asked me to look for young professionals who can work in his business. And the old man that am talking about here is your father. Can you imagine how he has struggled since you were still a neonate to see you through to where you are now? Using the money he got from that business?

If he managed to lead you here, don’t you think you can do much together if you humbled yourself and started working with him? Am writing on the assumption that you brains still works.

You see some of these schools have instead of growing brains, resorted to poisoning it. That’s why some of your fellow graduates think that someone’s father is the only one to employ them but not their fathers. They would rather help someone prepare the future of his children than doing it to their family.

Am sure you see them on streets everyday with engato ezigudde okubege cursing other people’s parents mbu for denying them an employment opportunity. Engalabi ezo. I swear this is Tamale Mirundi not me. Foras we can’t call people engalabi. Let me leave here yiveni….